snopocalypse 2012.

seattle is snowed in. even if you don’t live here, i am sure you have heard. we’ve made national news. all week. yep, i have watched brian williams the last two nights tell the nation how pathetic seattleites are; we are paralyzed with just 5 inches of snow on the ground. the l.a. times called us “snow wimps“.” to l.a. i say: i would love to see how you would deal with 5 inches of snow in your city.

with that said, our governor has declared a state of emergency. thousands of people are without power (thankfully not us!). rain is in the forecast, which means that flooding is certainly on its way. no good. sea-tac airport has closed & the airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights. {update: two runways are open! this is great because my mom is flying into town tomorrow morning… hopefully!}

sadie & i have been homebound since sunday & aaron has been home the last two days from work. conditions are just too bad for us to leave; while the main road in front of our house is being plowed & salted, the side streets remain icy & snowy making it impossible for us to get out of the garage.

we have been enjoying the time together, catching up on movies & t.v. shows that we can never seem to be up to date on. we trekked up to the T.J’s which is just 10 long blocks away (mostly because it is uphill) earlier in the week to load up on groceries. we are on our way out for a lunch date to the bakery down the street that has, surprisingly, been keeping hours despite the snow. our two favorite things: fires in the fireplace & electric blankets.

i don’t think we have ever been so excited to get rain which is forecasted for later in the day & the remainder of the weekend. but until then, we are enjoying the winter wonderland!





{yep, she’s eating the snow. it is her new favorite treat!}

are you staying warm & snow-free this winter?


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