a pinterest christmas: chalkboard glasses.

you read it right: a pinterest christmas. yes, i know its mid-january. i promise i am not crazy, just hear me out.

this was actually part of my pinterest christmas, but because we gave these to our family as gifts, i didn’t want to post them in december with the rest of the christmas posts since I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

even though we made these christmas gifts, they would be great for any occasion or even just to make for yourself!


{original pinterest link: chalkboard glasses}


  • chalkboard paint
  • glasses with stems (we used wine & beer glasses)
  • painter’s tape (we used blue tape & frog tape)
  • cardboard
  • chalk


we decided to use chalkboard spray paint instead of regular chalkboard paint to avoid brush lines. we bought ours at home depot.



first step was to tape the glasses. we used frog tape (shown above) on the base of the stem because it gives you a cleaner line. we placed the tape pretty close to the bottom of the stem, but you could paint further up the stem if you wanted to.




then we tapped further up the glass with blue tape. the blue stuff definitely sticks better to the glass which helps with securing the top of the frog tape. you don’t need to add blue tape, but i think it helped ensure that we didn’t get any paint further up on the glass.




then we sprayed the glasses (and by “we” i mean aaron); just make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and keep moving your hand back & forth while spraying. the paint dried pretty quickly, but we left them for a few days to ensure the paint was really dry.





after the paint is fully dry, just peel off the tape! we added a little message on the glasses so that our out-of-town gift receivers knew that these were chalkboards as opposed to just black glasses. we also added a little bag of chalk – i just put three pieces of chalk in a snack sized ziploc bag & tied it with a red ribbon.

{sidenote: just for reference, glasses painted with chalkboard paint should be hand washed & shouldn’t go into the dishwasher.}

what do you think about chalkboard glasses? will they be part of your next get-together?


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