my weekend in pictures.


{3 ounces: the perfect misha-sized cup of coffee; sadie’s newest trick; merengue mushroom – delish!}


{a plant in our house is growing – there’s hope!; the space needle; aaron talking on his new phone headset}


{returned the rental car – finally!; green tea does the body good!}


{a beautiful sky just before a rainstorm; picked up a few things at west elm for my latest DIY}


{thanks TJ’s for the delicious cookies; a pancake stack for breakfast; sadie perusing the bone selection}


{happy 2012 with dick clark!; living room sans christmas decorations}


{bring on the bubbly – happy new year!; aquaphor is saving my skin this winter}


{who stores extra plastic hangers in a box? we do!; spent an afternoon cleaning up the garage – phew!}


{finally hung my JD!; thai food & a movie on new year’s night}

how was your new year’s weekend?


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