happy november first!

one step closer to winter. the winter that i am dreading since it is slated to be a bad one. a “bad” winter in seattle is more than one inch of snow. seriously, in the last three years (starting with finals of my first year of law school) i have seen this city completely shut down because there are a few inches of snow on the ground. people get stranded on the freeways, buses get stopped on the side of the road and everyone takes refuge at the local starbucks. cross your fingers they are wrong about this winter…

on a happier note, with winter rapidly approaching it means that christmas is on its way! unlike nordstrom (which refuses to decorate for the christmas holiday until after thanksgiving) starbucks appreciates a little early celebration of the merriest of days with the release of the red holiday cup every november first!

{short soy decaf vanilla latte – lunch of champions!}
thanks to my husband for the shout out about this little blog on facebook – now the pressure is on! 
and also thanks to my newest (and first!) followers: Jen Everson and my husband!

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