happy halloween!

i can’t believe it is already october 31st, where is the year going?

this halloween seems like a bit of a bust this year, mostly because we won’t get any trick-or-treaters, boo! (um, pun intended.) last year was the first year we were in our townhouse and i made sure to have a whole bunch of candy ready for halloween since i was convinced that our entire row of townhouses would be so popular for trick-or-treaters! boy was i wrong. we just ended up eating all of the candy ourselves. this year i decided not to buy any candy (my waist-line is so appreciative) so fingers crossed we don’t get any cute little trick-or-treaters this year. or that they will be okay with getting something from our pantry, like an unopened box of pasta or something.

anyways, we did dress up this year (two weeks ago) for my brother-in-law’s big halloween bash Ghouls Near Greenlake. note to self for next year: in seattle at the end of october it is freezing cold outside! thank goodness for those outdoor heaters!

{aladdin & jasmine – in case it wasn’t really obvious}
also, we did buy pumpkins to celebrate the holiday, but there was no carving this year. i think it was mostly because that white pumpkin is really flat and not really carve-able. plus, i have had that mask around for a while now from an old masquerade party and never knew what to do with it.

happy halloween!

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