friday I’m in love.

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{one} pom winter hat.

Club Monaco Hat

{club monaco safiya hat}

i think my favorite winter accessory is a fun pom pom hat. this one is divine & looks so chic!

{two} teething necklace & jewelry.


{mama & little sol teething necklace}

my fingers are crossed that eloise won’t start teething soon {this mama is just not ready for that yet!} but i am on the hunt for good teethers. toys & otherwise. i recently discovered the shop mama & little, & love all of the on-trend jewelry. you could wear this stuff & no one would ever know it was silicone for your babe!

{three} ha ha!

circus monkeys


have i ever shared this saying? it’s one of my favorites & makes me chuckle every time i see it or say it. here’s to a good laugh going into the weekend!

what are you loving this week?


eloise {week 14}


{dress & bloomers: babyGap // tights: babyGap // onesie: Old Navy // moccasins: Freshly Picked // hair bow: Etsy}

**a little sneak peak at e’s christmas card picture ensemble**

{week 14} lots more giggles & coos from our little one this week. she is constantly chattering to herself, or to aaron or me – it’s the sweetest! she is also still loving that fist & isn’t as interested in just her thumb as she was when she was a newborn. {also, speaking of newborn, as of a week ago eloise wasn’t considered a newborn anymore… what? this is happening too fast!} there is also a lot of moving her arms & legs, especially when eloise gets excited about seeing mama or papa, or a toy, & she gets a huge grin on her face.

we have also entered – as of just a few weeks ago – the start of the drool. eloise likes to take advantage & blow as many bubbles as she can {it’s pretty impressive!}. but I worry since it is cold about the front of her onesie always being wet. so we have started wearing a bib on occasion to help with the wetness & I am thinking I should make {in all of my spare time!} a few baby bandana scarves for her to wear. a little more stylish than a bib! also, I know that an increase in drool comes with her age, but is also a sign of teething. to the second point, I am in complete denial about that!

eloise is still loving lots of singing which is fun. she loves to chatter thru the songs & adores when they are interactive. she is also really starting to grasp {literally & figuratively} toys these days. she has a few favorites which I talked about here, but I have been trying to get all types of toys in front of her just to see how she does with them. I don’t think there is purposeful grabbing of toys at this point, but she is noticing them if they are in front of her which is pretty cool.

cloth diapering is still going well, though we had a bit of a fiasco this weekend with all-of-the-sudden leaking. thanks to those mamas who helped me out! I think we are back on track with a few size adjustments – I think maybe she slimmed up a bit? I have also been using cloth wipes as much as possible {since it really does make a lot more sense with cloth diapers because you don’t have to separate the wipes out} & have been sticking to this solution:

cloth diaper wipe solution

2 cups warm water

1 tablespoon coconut oil*

1 or 2 squirts of baby wash (we use this – California Baby Calming)

a few drops of lavender essential oil (we use this  – doTerra}

mix all ingredients together until all coconut oil is dissolved. soak wipes or cloths in solution & wring out. store in wipe holder/plastic bag/etc. I do about 6 to 8 wipes at a time which means I have to make the solution a lot, but I don’t want to worry about any moldy issues. any solution that I have left over I store in a mason jar & then use it with the next batch.

happy 14 weeks eloise!


*we are using coconut oil for everything these days as it is awesome: as a dry skin moisturizer especially around e’s ankles since this area gets really dry, on any kind of bum redness during a diaper change (in hopes of preventing a diaper rash!), as a nipple ointment for mama as needed, on e’s face to help with the little rash she has from all of the drool. I also have friends who have used it to help with cradle cap!

my weekend in pictures.


{she is working on getting that entire fist into her mouth.}


{fibbage is aaron’s new favorite game to play with guests. if you ever come over to visit, you will play this game!}


{day date. coffee for him, donut for me.}


{thanks to ben & sarah for watching eloise for a few hours on saturday so we could have a day date: burgers, TJ’s, & donuts!}


{eloise had some awesome naps this weekend, including this one which started in the stroller at u village, continued in the car ride home, around the block to say hi to neighbors, & culminated here on the couch.}


{the cold weather makes for lots of snuggles. I don’t mind one bit!}


{a smile & a moving hand is pretty much what e is up to these days!}


{oh those overalls. she was in them all weekend since she is nearly out of them. this may be the last time she can wear them. tear.}

we had a pretty low-key weekend with lots of sunshine & catching up with friends & family. not too shabby if you ask me! it feels like the calm before the storm though with the holidays right around the corner. how was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, & amanda  are loving this week. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} AOL original city.ballet.


I have always loved ballet & was delighted to find this mini-series documentary about the american ballet company. it is in its second season (which I haven’t started) but each episode is quick – just 5 to 10 minutes! it is a look into the crazy world of ballet & has me so intrigued!

{two} cuyana cape.


{classic cape}

over the past five or so years, I have loved capes. as the the weather in seattle has gotten so cold so quickly over the past few days (along with the rest of the country apparently) I have been dreaming about warm cozies! this cape is gorgeous, don’t you think?

{three} a gilded thanksgiving table.



we are hosting our first official thanksgiving this year & I am already in planning mode (though my expectations are pretty low, if I am totally honest). I know the food & company will be superb, & I would love to put together a fancy, gilded table. if I re-purpose a few christmas decorations, like a kraft table runner & gold glitter pinecones, I may be in business!

what are you loving this week?


project baby {diy mid-century dresser update}

when I was planning & sourcing furniture for eloise’s nursery, I knew that I wanted to get a low-boy dresser that could not only double as a changing table, but also be used as eloise grows up. I scoured craigslist for weeks in search of a mid-century dresser that was in good shape, but reasonably priced. finally I found one & we drove down south to tacoma to pick it up. the dresser sat around for weeks until I finally had time to paint it & get it ready for the nursery (I was 38 weeks along at that point!). while this was a simple & straight-forward project, I loosely followed this young house love post.

in its original state, the top & sides were super dark, almost black. the gentleman we bought it from told us that his sister had just refinished the dresser with this darker color. definitely not my favorite, but I loved the rest of the piece & knew that was an easy fix!


I started by taking out all of the drawers & sanding everything down. I used a palm sander for the main part of the dresser & hand sanded the drawer fronts with a block sander. then I wiped all the dust down & started painting the main dresser & removed the handles from the drawer fronts. I used this Behr Paint & Primer to save myself a separate priming step.


it ended up taking three thin coats of white to cover the dark wood & get the white color that I wanted. I rolled most of the coats, but used a brush for the smaller details along the front of the dresser.


after the white paint was dry, I brushed on two coats of a polycrylic coat with a small brush. I also did two coats of poly on the drawer fronts.


& here is the final product (again – you already would have seen these in the nursery reveal!). I am really, really happy with how this dresser turned out. it is such a great & timeless piece & is exactly the warmth I was looking for for this space. I also know that this will be such a great piece for eloise for years to come.


have you refinished a craigslist find recently?


eloise {month three}


{lion: JellyCat via Nordstrom // chambray shirt: babyGap Factory // onesie: Old Navy // leggings: babyGap // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month three}

this past month has marked quite a bit of change as eloise has become so interactive. we are getting lots of big mouthed smiles & laughs, as well as chuckles when she is sound asleep (the sweetest thing!). she coos & coos, & loves to have conversations with aaron & me. it even seems like she imitates the sounds that we make if we change from what she was saying, though this may just be a coincidence… or our kid is a genius. one of the two! eloise also really loves interactive songs & games. head & shoulders, knees & toes is her very favorite song at the moment. I move her hands to each body part during the song & she giggles & laughs! I recently started taking eloise to infant storytime at our local library branch & we have been learning more interactive songs. she slept thru her first storytime, but woke up right after it wrapped up & was memorized by all of the other babies (there were 35 that day!).

eloise has really found her hands (both now, though she has a strong preference for her right which has been true since she was born) & loves to stare at them & wiggle her fingers. she is also working on getting her entire fist into her mouth. good luck with that eloise! she is learning to use her hands to grasp onto things – mostly an adult finger, my hair, or a toy. she loves her mister moose toy & this rattle. both are easy to grip & make noise when shaken.

tummy time is always a challenge, though eloise is able to make it thru more & more traditional tummy time each week. as much as I know it is so important for their development, it often seems so unfair to ask these babes to hold their heads up when their heads are so disproportionally large! eloise has a really strong neck these days & can mostly hold it up on her own. she does well when she is being held upright on our shoulder, & sitting (with help). she also does really well on her belly if she is propped up (like on a boppy pillow or the little cushion from her playmat). I also got a tip from another mama friend about doing tummy time right after a diaper change which has worked really well for eloise. I just flip her onto her belly & prop her arms up underneath her & she does really well holding her head up.

I also got eloise’s birth announcement out in just the past week. I worked with a very talented friend & am thrilled with the result! we used pictures from her newborn shoot (she was just 10 days old!) & boy does she look different. a lot of her facial features are similar, she has just filled out a bit, but she was so tiny! at that point we were still working on getting her back up to her birth weight! how times have changed.

{weight} (about) 15.5 lbs

{hair} dark brown, though pretty light in the sun. still a faux hawk!

{teeth} none.

{eyes} dark grey with a hint of brown.

{clothes} 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months (though the sleeves & legs are almost all too long!). at least 6 months in hats.

{diapers} full-time cloth {bum genius freetime & pocket}* & the occasional honest company size 2 diaper. at night we add these hemp diaper doublers.

{feeding} during the day, usually 2.5 to 3.5 hour cycles. her bedtime feeding is between 10 pm and 11 pm, & eloise will usually sleep 3.5 to 5 hours before wanting a middle-of-the-night feeding. then she is typically back to her daytime cycle. still taking a once a week (or so) bottle & not having any issues.

{likes} being held while napping, her hot air balloon mobile, making faces (mostly smiling), cooing, Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes, her new bouncer seat.

{dislikes} napping in her crib, (traditional) tummy time, being hungry.

{nicknames} Bug, Bugs, Smiles, E, Wheezy, Kiddo. Little Love.

happy three months eloise!


* when I first looked into the type of cloth diapers, I thought for sure we would do all of our diapers as All-In-Ones (AIO) – no stuffing for me! I felt so strongly about this that I only registered for AIOs. we did, however, receive one pocket diaper at a shower along with a bunch of liners. once we started using cloth last month, it became pretty clear that we needed to add some more pocket diapers to our stash – they dry really fast & stuffing the liners is not bad at all. {I probably should have taken note from other cloth diapering mamas who had already figured this out!} luckily, we still needed to buy the second half of our diaper stash. we now have about half & half. we also have a few of the bum genius elemental diapers but I have found that until eloise is a little bigger {& on a bigger snap setting} the inside liner is too long & wrinkles, causing it to leak quite a bit. if any of you mamas out there know a solution to this, I am all ears!