eloise {week 18}


{hat: handmade by aunt kelly // chambray shirt: babyGap // onesie: Carter’s // leggings: babyGap // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 18} this week has been a very vocal one for eloise. she is finding her voice more & more, & giving us lots of chatty coos & babbles. she is loving music & singing too. i even made up a new song for her while she is feeding since she gets so distracted during nursing these days. eloise loves to stare at herself in the mirror & loves to see that reflection of the other baby smiling back at her!

we have been trying to introduce books into our naptime & bedtime routine, reading a few before she goes to sleep. eloise loves to stare at the pictures & touch the pages. i have been showing her how to turn the pages which she seems to like, mostly because she just wants to snack on the book corners!

happy eighteen weeks eloise!


a pinterest christmas: clothespin advent calendar.


welcome to the final week of A Pinterest Christmas! see the first week’s post here, second week’s post here & the other years’ crafts here.

much like last year, i wanted to share my love of advent calendars by creating another one {you can never have too many, right?}. last year’s was focused on fun activities to celebrate the Christmas season, & this year’s focus is small gifts, or in my case, ornaments to hang on the tree each day.

in theory it would have been best to share this project during the first week {& it was my intention!} but painting the numbers took so much longer than i had anticipated. oh well, right? also, the original pin for this link wasn’t a tutorial, so i had to make things up as i went along.

DIY clothespin advent calendar

{original Pinterest link – candy cane advent calendar}


  • wood board {i used a 1×6 Poplar board & had Home Depot cut it in half)
  • fine sandpaper
  • white paint {i used Behr primer & paint from this project}
  • paintbrushes & roller
  • 24 clothespins
  • number stencil {i used a Martha Stewart set i picked up from Michael’s with a coupon}
  • red craft paint {you could use any color, but i used red for some of the clothespins & the numbers}
  • sponge brush
  • wood glue (i used Contact Cement)
  • ribbon {i used two different kinds}
  • glue (i used Fabri-Tac)
  • picture hangers or d-rings


i started by prepping the boards – lightly sanding & rolling on three thin coats of white primer/paint. {note: i decided to do two boards instead of one long board for storage reasons.} then i prepped the clothespins: i painted about a third of them red & glued ribbon to the remaining pins. i found that clipping the pins onto a thick piece of cardboard made it much easier to paint; i also decided that i would just paint the top part of the pin & not the bottom. for the ribbon, i applied a thin coat of Fabri-Tac to the pin, laid a piece of ribbon down, & then cut the ribbon {as opposed to measuring & cutting all of the lengths of ribbon first & then trying to glue them on exactly right}. i laid the pins down on each board {12 per} & tried to get them as equally spaced as possible. then i glued each pin in place on the board.


once the pins were adhered, it was time to stencil the numbers. it probably would have been easier to stencil before adding the pins so that the stencil could lay completely flat {or i should have just cut the bottom of the stencil!} but i thought it would be easiest for spacing to put the pins exactly where i wanted them & then add the numbers above. the first few numbers went really well with the stencil since the cardboard on the stencil was still fresh & not full of paint. i did every other number to begin with in order to make sure i had enough room to tape the stencil down without disturbing a previously painted number. it got trickier once i got into the teens & twenties since i needed the 1 & 2 stencil for each of those numbers – this is where the project really slowed down since i had to wait for the paint to dry on both the board & the stencil. in hindsight, i may have bought a plastic stencil instead that you could wipe the excess paint off of between numbers. i only did one coat of paint for each number {so there is a sponge-paint quality to the numbers}, but did also go in with a small paintbrush to touch up the edges where the stencil bled.


what i love about this calendar is that it can be different each year. one year it could hold little gifts for every day & another year it could hold handwritten cards about the reasons why we love the Christmas season! this year i thought it would be fun to leave 24 ornaments off of the tree & then add a new one each day until Christmas. one day in a few years i know eloise will love the tradition of this advent calendar!

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my weekend in pictures.

20141214_005150920_iOS {i love this little lady. she loves to sleep with her face right up against me when she gets a chance.}

20141214_023413863_iOS {family dinner date at serious pie! so delicious!}

20141214_032056297_iOS {aaron & eloise posing with the chalkboard pig outside of serious pie.}

20141214_045226193_iOS{our hotel room has a great view of downtown, including the needle!}


  {outtake from this week’s photoshoot.}


{we had dinner with this awesome lady & her husband & all of the ladies ended up in chambray shirts!}

we had a bit of a crazy weekend but enjoyed a reprieve from the rain & got some sunshine! the short story about this week is that we had a bit of a mishap in our kitchen mid-week & had to move out of the house for a few days while a cleaning crew comes in… such a disaster! oh well, feeling very thankful for lots of things lately, including my sweet & supportive husband & our perfect little girl. it was a quick weekend full of lots of errands & to-dos, but some quality time as our little family of four too. how was your weekend?


Friday I’m in love.

a bit of an abbreviated post to end the week. this one {the week I mean} has been one for the history books! I will be sure to enlighten you soon, until then, enjoy your weekend!

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, amanda, & laura are loving this week. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

hanna andersson christmas jammies for the family

{hanna andersson very merry sleepwear}

I am adoring eloise in her christmas jammies that her Grammie got her over thanksgiving and she has been wearing them quite a bit lately in the spirit of the holiday season along with her adorable Santa hat – see here! {plus, I didn’t want her to wear them just one day!} little did I know that we could all get matching jammies! {though it may take some convincing Aaron…}

what are you loving this week?

eloise {month four}


{lion: jellycat via nordstrom // sweater & onesie: Carter’s // jeggings: Levi’s // Santa hat: handmade by Aunt Kelly // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month four} holy cow, another month in the books! this has been an exciting month for us (but aren’t they all?) as eloise is becoming more & more of her own little person. she is so, so happy during the day – the happiest baby we know! she is always smiling & is so attentive to what is around her. this month she has really started laughing which is probably the best thing we have ever heard. sometimes we can get her to laugh if we laugh too (or give her a little tickle) & it is so fun. we have tried to get it on video to share, but it is still a bit illusive. also, we have both noticed that as soon as a camera comes out (our phones) eloise changes her behavior; she will play along with the big SLR & give us big smiles (like for her weekly photos) but with our phones she often becomes more stoic. it is a good reminder for me that as much as i want to capture every moment, it is important for me to just be in the moment with her!

tummy time has gotten so much better & eloise is pretty much liking it now. she has her limits (as to time) but will lay on her tummy with her head up & look around for quite a while. i even can get some giggles out of her sometimes which is a huge feat! as of the past few weeks eloise can lean her head (to the left) & tip over to her side. it isn’t exactly rolling, but it is definitely a start. she is also starting to sit better these days too in both her chair & with support. i have been having her grab my thumbs after a diaper change & pulling her up with her arms to sitting – she really seems to like it when she is sitting up as there are so many new things on the changing table for her to look at.

eloise still adores her hands & we are already at the stage where everything goes right into her mouth! i knew that was true about babies, but i didn’t think it happened quite this early! she has a very strong grip, & loves to hold things & stare at them right before they go to her mouth. her favorite toys these days are ones that rattle – like this rattle & this ball, Sophie the Giraffe, & the crinkly version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

sleeping has been a bit elusive these past few weeks & i am chalking it up to the dreaded & infamous four-month sleep regression that everyone always warns you about! when eloise was a newborn, she slept really well, especially at night only waking for feedings. now every nap is a struggle to get eloise to stay asleep & nighttime is very similar. the interesting thing is that it isn’t that she doesn’t want to sleep, it is that she doesn’t want to stay asleep! during the day she takes four naps & i have found that if i can start the naptime routine (sound machine, low lights, a book or two, & sleepsack) before she gets too tired i can easily rock her to sleep. she sleeps in either her crib or the Rock N’ Play & generally can go for about half of her nap – if i am lucky! – before waking up; then she is up a few more times & i usually end up holding her in the glider while she sleeps until the last few minutes of her nap just to get her to sleep. at night, she nurses to sleep & can sometimes sleep straight thru to about 5 am, but usually she is up between three & six times… such a bummer. she doesn’t always wake up, but does get fussy & cries. sometimes just putting her pacifier back in will solve it & she will go right back to sleep, but often she needs to be picked up & held. she sleeps like a champ when she is held, or when she is in the Ergo, so i am still not sure what is causing her to wake up. at this point i am not worried any more about creating bad sleeping habits (rocking, holding, or using a pacifier) & am just focusing on her sleeping! sleep begets sleep & if she naps well during the day, she sleeps well at night!

{weight} 16 lbs 4 oz

{hair} dark brown, though pretty light in the sun. still a faux hawk!

{teeth} none.

{eyes} dark grey with a hint of brown.

{clothes} growing out of 0 to 3 months (unless in a disposable diaper) and wearing 3 to 6 months (though the sleeves & legs are still all too long!). at least 6 months in hats. eloise is also getting close to outgrowing her beloved gold moccasins which are a size 1. luckily santa is bringing her the next two sizes in gold so she should be set for a while!

{diapers} full-time cloth {bum genius freetime & pocket} & honest company size 2 diapers at night with a bum genius diaper cover (though we are at the end of size 2 & the next package is a size 3). once i finally figured out we needed three layers of absorbency to make it thru the night without leaks, i also figured out at the smallest diaper setting there is just too much fluff to make the diaper fit eloise properly. so for now we are using disposables at night – which are awesome! – & will re-evaluate once eloise needs a bigger size setting in her cloth diapers.  

{feeding} during the day, 3 hour cycles. her bedtime feeding is between 10 pm and 11 pm, & we have started having aaron do bedtime a few times a week (with a bottle) which is only tricky because i don’t really know how much eloise is eating each feeding. it looks like about 4 to 6 ounces. eloise has dropped her 3 am middle-of-the-night feeding (which she didn’t really make a big deal about at all) & is up for the day between 9 and 9:30 am.

{likes} being held while napping, her hot air balloon mobile, making faces & laughing, cooing, singing, staring at other people’s faces including her own in the mirror, bath time, the stripes on her ceiling.

{dislikes} napping in her crib, sleeping at night, being hungry.

{nicknames} Bug, Bugs, E, Wheezy, Kiddo, Little Love.

happy four months eloise!