eloise {week 10}


{Indiana onesie: etsy* // jeans: Old Navy (similar) // socks: crewcuts (similar)}

{week 10} we are into two digits – seriously? I think I say this every week but where does the time go? slow down!

eloise is still lots of smiles this week & absolutely obsessed with her hand (mostly the right one) & any kind of light. it is the sweetest thing when she stares at her hand, wiggles her fingers, & then shoves the entire thing into her mouth. an endless source of fun! & lights, boy, she is definitely living up to her nickname: Bug.

feeding is going well & I finally feel like I have hit a good stride with nursing this little one. it only took 9 weeks, but we got it! it is amazing how much eloise has filled out – those cheeks! – & it is what everyone comments on whenever they see her. we are loving all of those little rolls! eloise is also just starting to fit into 3 to 6 month clothing, especially when wearing a cloth diaper, though it is slightly large still (as you can see from the big cuffs at the bottom of her jeans this week).

*showing some Indiana love this week – thanks auntie Erin & Uncle Colt!

happy 10 weeks eloise!


my weekend in pictures.


{seriously, this kid! love her.}


{trying out homemade cloth wipe solution.}


{my two favorite people!}


{eloise is loving play time.}


{family nap time.}


{I’ll take the fall weather if it means baby jeans & moccasins!}


{I am not doing the 60 day challenge, but did make it to my sunday morning barre class. what a great way to start the week!}


{packing for quick trip this week.}


{what a happy kiddo!}


{even though it means I can’t do anything else during nap time, I live for these cuddles. her little hand gripping onto my shirt is the best!}

we had a low-key weekend spent mostly at home just hanging out & getting a few things done here & there. with most of our weekends packed full, it was nice to just lay low. despite some rainy weather making an appearance recently, we had beautiful & sunny fall weather! how was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, & amanda  are loving this week. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} made by layla peg dolls.

made by layla

{maddie all in a row set}

aaron & I both really love wooden toys for kids & hope to limit the amount of plastic toys our kiddos have {I know all of you parents out there think we are crazy, & we probably are!}. when I saw these peg dolls show up in my instagram feed the other day, I was dying. how cute are these?

{two} little guy in a minion costume.


one of my favorite animated movies is despicable me & I adore those minions. {doesn’t everyone?} this video of a little guy dressed up as a minion is hilarious!

{three} baby hats.


as the weather is starting to turn colder, I am on the search for cold weather accessories for eloise. I am dying to get her this pom-pom beanie!

what are you loving this week?


eloise {week 9}


{dress: Old Navy // tights: babyGap}

{week 9} this week has been filled with smiles, giggles, & hands. as you can tell by the blur that is eloise’s hands in the picture, she has found her hands – mostly her right hand – & cannot get enough. they are constantly moving & we often look over to find her just staring at her fist. & then she shoves the entire thing into her mouth {well, the best that she can}!

eloise has also been very aware of things that are a bit further away from her face, including trees, lights, the sky, & her stroller cover {it’s yellow so it’s very bright & attractive}. when I hold her up on my shoulder & she isn’t asleep, she is holding up her head & always looking all around with eyes wide open.

eloise is such a happy, happy baby & we are feeling so lucky to have her in our little family!

happy nine weeks eloise!


eloise {nursery reveal}

yay, eloise’s nursery is finally ready for its big reveal! last spring I shared the moodboard I created & looking back on it, it was pretty darn on point!

when I first envisioned this space, I knew that it was a room that I needed to love. new mamas & papas spend so, so much time in the nursery & it is important that they feel comfy in the space. the two requirements for me were: calming & sophisticated (in that it didn’t feel like a pre-school). plus, let’s be honest, nurseries – like first birthday parties – are much more for the parents than the babies.

I was a bit nervous about how this space would come together since I did so in bits & pieces, & really didn’t get everything together until the week before eloise was born (due to our on-going house remodel). I had to trust my instincts on what I thought would work & wouldn’t work, & I am so thrilled about how eloise’s nursery came together!

& what you have all been waiting for. enjoy!


source list:

rug: west elm safari

light fixture: west elm braided rope pendant

crib: babyletto hudson

crib sheet: american baby

dresser: craigslist

glider: land of nod milo

ottoman: anthropologie (old)

table: overstock blake nightstand

lamp: oh joy for land of nod

picture ledges: ikea ribba

baby animal prints: the animal print shop little darlings (zebra // giraffe // lion)

picture frames: ikea ribba

changing pad: keekaroo

diaper basket: handmade by amanda

bookends: restoration hardware baby & child (elephant // giraffe)

curtains: ikea lenda with added pom trim

shelf: ikea ekby (brackets painted gold)

eloise blocks: handmade by e’s grammie

gold figurines: target (old)

abacus: land of nod

elephant hamper: home decorator’s collection

mobile: diy

moccasins: freshly picked (gold // turquoise)

paint colors: simply white by benjamin moore (walls & ceiling) & quartz stone by benjamin moore (ceiling)


if you have decorated a nursery for your little, what were your favorite design choices?


my weekend in pictures.


{we had a playdate with baby blakely & her pup brother dozer.}


{future bffs.}


{baby tahlia had her first birthday party on saturday. her parents borrowed from the korean tradition & had her choose an object to represent her future. after a number of melt-downs, she chose the stethoscope (doctor)!}


{we had dinner with our friends jes & cale, & eloise & jazmyne finally met!}


{we signed up for smith brothers farms delivery to ensure that we always have (almond) milk & eggs at the house!}


{we spent a rainy sunday unpacking the office which was full of boxes… not the most fun day but feels really good to get things organized!}


{eloise has the best hair. plus she has this great cowlick, or giddy giddy as my hawaiian friends would refer to it.}


{you know it’s fall when you eat pumpkin everything!}

what a quick weekend – I blinked & it was over! we had a few social gatherings planned & it was great to catch up with some friends. we also got some things organized around the house – we are making progress! this is the first weekend that really felt like fall – the temps have cooled down & the rainy season is starting.

how was your weekend?

eloise {month two}


{lion: jellycat via nordstrom // shorts: babyGap // tights: babyGap // onesie: Old Navy basic // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month two} eloise continues to amaze us each day & steal our hearts. she is such a happy kid which makes spending my days (& nights) with her that much more special. it’s so hard to believe that we are passing the two month mark. much like last month it feels like it’s just been days or been many months since her birth, depending on the day.

eloise is growing like a weed, though her gaining has slowed down since last month. she feels much sturdier, more like an infant & much less like a newborn. part of me is really happy about her growing up & part of me is sad – where did my tiny little baby go? e has made big strides in her neck strength & amazes me with how great at tummy time she is, even if she hates it after a few minutes. I try to get a session of tummy time in right after our morning feeding & have been doing a 30 day plank challenge starting this week during that time (thanks amanda for the idea!). I am down on the ground with her anyways, right?

sleeping is getting better & eloise is more consistent these days. I can count on at least two good (long) naps during the day as long as e is either sleeping on me or I am wearing her (thank goodness for the k’tan wrap!). she mostly cat naps in the evening, but sometimes we get lucky & she will take a good nap. at night e can usually go for one long stretch (4 to 6 hours), waking up around 2ish, & then back to 2.5 to 3 hour cycles. this means I am really only up with her once at night which is awesome! {watch her have sleep regression as soon as this post goes live…}

eloise is giving us lots of smiles & giggles these past few weeks. every time she smiles, it melts my heart. every time. she has this big-mouthed, gummy smile that she does & it is the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen! she is always all smiles & giggles in the morning right after her first feeding {between 7 and 9 since anything before 6 am I still consider night!} which makes me think she is going to be a morning person. this girl has also found her right hand & is amazed by it each time she sees it. I don’t think she quite understands that she controls her hand, but that will come in time.

this week e got her first set of vaccinations & it went so much better than I had anticipated. granted, I expected her to melt-down & be a hot-mess all day. not at all. one of the vaccines was oral & she took it down like a champ. even the nurse commented on how well she did! the other vaccine was a shot & went right into her little leg. she cried for a moment right after the prick, but once the daffy duck band-aid was on, she was totally fine. I didn’t notice any reactions {like a fever or soreness on her leg} though she did have a really interesting diaper a few hours after {which the nurse warned me about}.

{weight} 12 lbs 10 oz

{hair} dark brown, though pretty light in the sun. still a faux hawk!

{teeth} none.

{eyes} dark grey with a hint of brown.

{clothes} has been out of newborn onesies for about 2 weeks. in 0 to 3 months (even with cloth diapers which sometimes require one size bigger in clothes).

{diapers} wearing size 1 {the honest company} part-time & cloth part-time {bum genius freetime, elemental, & pocket}.

{feeding} E still loves eating! nursing during the day on 2 to 4 hour feeding cycles, taking between 20 to 45 minutes to eat. at night, on 2.5 to 6 hour feeding cycles. E will take a bottle of pumped milk a couple of times a week.

{likes} mama, papa, her hands, being tickled (especially on those cheeks!), bath time, pacifier (mostly), a story before bedtime, lights & looking out the window.

{dislikes} being hungry, more than 5 minutes of tummy time, not being held or worn during her daytime naps..

{nicknames} Bug, Smiles, E, Wheezy, Kiddo.

happy two months eloise!