friday I’m in love.

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{one} rifle paper co + lesportsac

XL Rectangular Cosmetic by LeSportsac

Travel Tote by LeSportsac

{via Rifle Paper Co // rectangular cosmetic // travel tote}

I have previously professed my love for all things rifle paper co & I am smitten over all of the recent collaborations, including this one with lesportsac. I remember both my mom & my grandmother using lesportsac bags & pouches growing up so I have very fond memories of the brand. I love the spin that anna bond put on the iconic bags!

{two} j.crew

{via J.Crew}

j.crew (per usual) is killing it with its newest catalog offering. #givemeeverything I haven’t been shopping a lot for myself recently (because, let’s be honest, it is way more fun to shop for eloise if I am going to shop!) but I may need to pick up a few summer staples (like these adorable pants I just picked up at the most recent sale!).

{three} balloon dogs

Giant Paper Flower Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!

{via Oh Happy Day!}

jordan over at Oh Happy Day! always has the best tutorials & ideas for parties, & these balloon dogs aren’t too shabby. if eloise was older & could walk, I would totally get her a pack of balloon dogs!

what are you loving this week?


eloise {week 40}


{onesie: Carter’s // shorts: Carter’s // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 40} it definitely feels like we are in the “homestretch” over her when it comes to weekly updates. I want to do some type of update (maybe monthly?) for eloise (I mean, this is her baby book after all!) but haven’t yet decided. 12 more weeks until one… I still cannot believe it!

this week eloise has been much more verbal & physically active. though having already discovered her tongue some time ago, eloise has started playing with her tongue & her bottom lip. the combination of this & her constant babbling is that she sounds like a tiny auctioneer. it is hilarious! I am trying to get a good video or recording of it to share. she has also been testing the volume (loudness) & shrillness of her voice lately. this results in her shrieking multiple times a day, usually around mealtime.

on the activity level, eloise cannot sit still for the most part. in the morning time when she plays while I make her breakfast, she can usually sit on her playmat & pull all of the toys out of her toy basket, licking each one & examining it! by the afternoon though, I have to either be in the living room with her or have her “contained” in the exersaucer. she just gets too far too quickly these days & we haven’t yet put a gate up at the top of our stairs*. eloise has mastered the army crawl & now uses both of her forearms on the ground & her toes & knees (a bit) to maneuver around (she used to use one forearm & one hand). she is up on her hands & knees more & more, rocking back & forth, & seems much more in control of that movement. I expect her army crawl to turn into a crawl any day now…

many of our friends with kiddos of similar ages “walk” with their kids. by that I mean hold them by the hands or arms & help them walk while the kids move their own feet. while I am not really crazy about holding eloise just by her arms (I had one pop out of its socket quite a bit as a kid so it makes me extra nervous) I do hold her up under her arms or around her waist while she is standing. she doesn’t really walk though (as in move her feet). usually she looks down at her feet, realizes she is standing, & then starts jumping up & down. so eloise may jump before she walks! (& I am in no hurry for her to start walking – developmental delays aside)

a lot of people asked about eloise changing time zones & what I did or didn’t do to help with the time change. honestly, I kept her on her normal routine during our travel day & then set my watch to the local time zone when we landed (either jumping forward or backwards in her day). on both ends of our trip, eloise was able to be on local time as soon as we settled in for the most part. going east eloise was tired from missing her third nap of the day, so we kept her up slightly longer in order to do dinner & bathtime before putting her down to bed (three hours before she normally would go down). then going west, we did dinner & bedtime on our final flight, but eloise only slept for a few hours before we landed & then never went back to sleep in the hustle & bustle of being at the airport, getting our bags, & catching a ride home. by the time we got home she was super tired & we put her right to bed. I can’t say it will always work out that well, but I am happy we weren’t dealing with major time issues during & after our trip!

happy 40 weeks eloise!


*I know it sounds crazy to most people, but I was sort of hoping not to have to put a gate at the top of our stairs & to just teach eloise, when she is physically capable, of going up & down the stairs safely. I feel like when you gate something off, you make it forbidden & therefore way more fun for kids. if the stairs are just a normal thing, then maybe she won’t want to spend so much time on them? I also realize that she is going to be more mobile at some point & that our stairs are really scary since they are wood. this is still a work in progress, obviously! any tips?

project house {pro photos}

so many of you have been asking about seeing updated photos of our newly renovated space. we have been so eager to share, but nothing seems quite finished. I know the rooms will never really be “finished” but I am hoping to get to the point (soon!) that they are blog worthy enough to share.

any-hoo, I did want to share some professional photos that our architects had taken a few weeks ago.

Lower Entry

Lower Entry Bathroom email

Lower Entry Stairs email

Lower Exterior email

{photo credit: Perspective Image Photography}

I also finally updated the Project House tab so you can see all of the phases of construction (pretty much until we moved in).

I wish my house always looked that good!


my weekend in pictures.


{eloise discovered how fun her bathroom floor is to crawl on.}


{sadie’s favorite thing these days is eloise’s high chair. food magically appears under it!}


{we had such a fun play date with the sadliers on friday morning. eloise & elliott are just a few weeks apart so it is fun to see them together!}


{needed an afternoon pick-me-up after a busy friday afternoon running errands.}


{eloise had some major bedhead on saturday morning!}


{eloise & I headed out to her swim lesson on saturday morning, & were only a few minutes late! she was rocking her watermelon swim diaper & stripey rashguard – so, so cute!}


{this is how you get ready when you have a nine-month-old crawling around at your feet.}


{we celebrated with patsy, the beautiful mama-to-be on saturday afternoon!}


{I have started giving eloise kitchen utensils to play with while I prep her dinner. thanks for the tip about the silicone pastry brush amanda!}


{I got new cloth napkins (& that gorgeous glassybaby} as part of my mother’s day gift this year & picked up some placemats to match the springy theme.}


{eloise has discovered how fun it is to play peek-a-boo with the foldable laundry basket. she was all giggles this weekend.}


{spent my saturday night catching up on blogs & sipping hot chocolate in bed after eloise went down. & then I went to sleep at 9:30. it was glorious!}


{I think sadie got the memo that aaron was coming home this afternoon. she waited all day on her stool looking out the window.}


{that grin!}


{eloise & I were flipping thru her picture book, & she was pointing & smiling at the faces (of her, me, & aaron), & her toys. it was really cool!}

aaron was out of town {celebrating cale’s bachelorhood} in vegas this weekend, so eloise & I were flying solo. we had lots of plans & it felt like we were on the go all weekend. it was great to see so many people & get a surprising amount of things done despite the complete lack of photos. but you just really want to see pictures of eloise, right? we are glad to have papa back in town & gearing up for a new week. how was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

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since we just got back from traveling, I thought I would share some of my favorites from traveling with eloise. {also, I know I owe you an update with pics from our trip. coming soon!}

{one} car sun shade.

{via Amazon}

as we are moving further into spring, I noticed we needed a sun shade in our car to keep eloise out of the sun, despite having tinted windows. we tried a more traditional shade that clips to the top of the window, but as a safety feature our windows automatically go down if there is something in the way of the window… bummer. I did a quick Amazon search & found these great cling shades. I have been happy with them so far & was excited that they are easily packable {they roll into a travel pouch}. it was great to bring these along since it was already summer-y weather in indiana.

{two} placemat.

{via Amazon}

we bring this placemat with us when we go out to eat at restaurants so I knew we would want to bring it when we were traveling the past few weeks. it doesn’t suction very well to most tables, but it does good enough. we used it all week in indiana at aaron’s parents’ house as they had just a booster seat & a glass table. we also used it on the airplane tray flying home during dinnertime & it was perfect!

{three} glass food containers.

{via Amazon}

I talked about these briefly in eloise’s nine month post, but in thinking about the things we used most while traveling, these are high on the list. I used these containers daily to prep eloise’s meals, either to defrost frozen fruit or veggies, to store extra food (to feed at the next mealtime), or to pack food on-the-go. I am a weirdo about plastic & like that these are glass (even though I don’t put them in the microwave), plus they hold the perfect amount of food for eloise!

what are you loving this week?


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eloise {week 39}


{sunglasses: Honest Company // onesie: Carter’s // bloomers: babyGap // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 39} this past week we were visiting aaron’s family in indiana so eloise had the opportunity to meet lots of her (great) aunts, uncles, cousins, & great grandparents. she had the best time seeing everyone & it was wonderful to see her with all of aaron’s family.

even though we kept a busy schedule, we were mindful of eloise’s napping schedule & limited ourselves (mostly) to going out in the afternoons so that she could get at least two good naps in. it was hard for us not to just pack her up in the car & try to see everyone & do everything the entire time we were gone, but we knew that she would quickly become fussy & none of us would have had very much fun after a couple of days of that. eloise sometimes naps in the car, but usually falls asleep 5 minutes before we reach our destination…

speaking of naps, eloise took the best naps while we were gone! she was in a Pack N Play in her nana & papaw’s guest bedroom & it was perfect. one of us would put her down for a nap & turn on the sound machine, & she would nap for at least 90 minutes (& often times two hours!). I thought at first it would just be one nap that would be good, but she was taking two solid naps (90 minutes to two hours) & then a third nap for at least an hour. yup, it was awesome!

now sleeping at night, on the other hand, was a bit rough. there were one or maybe two nights that she slept thru the night waking only for an early AM feeding, but mostly she was really sad at night. she would sleep a few hours to begin with, but then around midnight or 1 AM she would start her wake-ups. she would cry & fuss a few times (three to five) until I fed her between 4 & 6 AM. it was no fun. sometimes she would fall asleep again as soon as she was picked up, other times she would cry & cry. we are blaming it on teething, but I don’t see any new teeth coming in (plus, eloise won’t let me see inside her mouth these days!). I am hoping she will work out whatever was going on & we can get back to more restful night sleep.

eloise is talking & chattering so much these days. she is really loving her “B” & “M” sounds. I don’t mind one bit since I hear a lot of “mama” lately! I know she doesn’t know I am Mama, but it still melts my heart.

waving is also a new fun thing as eloise is starting to catch on. she mostly waves with her hand at herself (it is adorable!), but waved at me on the plane yesterday. she is still doing the low, full arm wave too, but working on moving just her fingers.

happy 39 weeks eloise!


my weekend in pictures.


{eloise & crosby got to hang out for the first time on friday afternoon.}


{eloise & her cousin charlotte playing at their nana & papaw’s.}


{uncle aaron trying his darndest to wear out all of the kiddos!}


{cousin frankie helping with eloise’s bedtime.}


{eloise enjoyed breakfast this morning complete with a greek yogurt beard!}


{we had Mother’s Day brunch with the glbertsons & this is the best we could get of all of the kiddos – crosby, kenley, & eloise.}


{ah! what a fun way to spend Mother’s Day weekend with this wonderful woman kendra! I was thrilled we were both in the same place in the world today. let’s move seattle & orlando closer together…}


{eloise got to meet her great grandma eileen this afternoon. what a treat!}


{eloise & beau playing before dinnertime. beau lets her get closer than sadie does & she loves it!}


{spent the last part of daylight on the golf course with aaron & his dad sam. thanks for the lesson!}

we spent the weekend in indiana visiting with aaron’s family & it has been a whirlwind of family & friends – so fun to introduce eloise to everyone! the weather has been summer-y which we have been enjoying since we probably won’t get this weather in seattle for a few more months… I will be sure to share many more pics from the trip after we get home (probably next week sometime?). how was your weekend?