eloise {week 11}


{chambray shirt: babyGap factory // leggings: Gymboree // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 11} last week eloise & I were in boise visiting family {grammie, grampy, aunts, uncles, & cousins!} which means we took our first flight. since it was just me & E I was a bit nervous, but all-in-all the flying part went well. we were able to get aaron a gate pass going out of sea—tac airport which helped tremendously! he was helpful in getting us checked in, thru security, getting mama lunch & doing a last minute diaper change – thanks babe! on the flight over to boise eloise slept. the entire flight! I had to wake her up at the baggage claim in boise for a feeding since it had been so long since she had eaten! airplane cabins are the perfect storm of white noise & movement it turns out. I didn’t take a stroller or a car seat since it was such a quick trip & my parents have a car seat, but I did take the Ergo which was awesome. I love that thing & love it even more for travelling. on the flight home, eloise slept thru boarding, but woke up just as we were taking off. I am not sure whether she was fussy because of the air pressure change or that it was time for a feeding, but once she was nursing she was great. she nursed almost the entire flight & then coo-ed & giggled as we made our descent into seattle. I was worried about her crying on the plane, but it turns out that almost no one heard it – thanks to the cabin noise. I was one of the last ones off of the plane – easier to get the Ergo back on when your seat mate has de-boarded – & another mom towards the back of the plane saw us & said “oh, we weren’t the only family on board!” that was a bit of a relief!**

my only real complaint about the flying part was that we were on such a tiny plane – two seats on each side of the row – that nursing was really awkward. eloise is long enough that her feet were over the shared arm rest. I was able to angle her slightly across my lap so she wasn’t kicking our seat mate which helped {although he was very nice about it!}. also, eloise tends to run really warm, especially if she is in the Ergo, & using a nursing cover makes that even worse – no air flow!

eloise is still giggling, cooing, & smiling like crazy! she has also discovered that she can kick her hands & feet which she does when she is really excited about something – it is the cutest! she is wide-eyed all the time & constantly looking around to see everything. I can see her brain working a million miles a minute processing all of the colors, lights, & sounds. I think part of this is because she is able to see so much further now; she can track a person from across the room now!

we are also full-time in cloth diapers now! we have been pretty happy with the change from disposables mostly due to the fact we are no longer just throwing away diapers. it is amazing how much waste diapers create! we have a full stash of bumgenius diapers of various types. we have had some issues with leaking, but I think it is mostly operator trouble! overall I think this is a really great direction for our family. the only real bummer is that we have to size up in a few bottoms since cloth diapers are bigger than their disposable counter-parts. also, rolling can sometimes be a challenge for cloth diapered babes {or so I am told} but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there!

happy eleven weeks eloise!


**{sidenote} as a new mom I feel like I have been taught that my child is not supposed to cry, especially in public. that crying is a sign of failure & being a bad mom. I find that I am super sensitive to eloise when we are in public & she starts to cry or fuss. while I realize that a crying baby in public is a distraction & sometimes an annoyance, I have learned that a crying baby is not a bad thing. babies cry for so many reasons as it is one of the main ways they communicate. I usually know {basically} why eloise is crying at any given time, though sometimes it is a mystery & I just have to start eliminating the possibilities. I am learning to give myself a break when she fusses in public knowing that all of it is perfectly  normal!

my weekend in pictures.


{airplane selfie.}


{oh that hand!}


{sadie is all ready for halloween!}


{a quick sewing project for eloise’s halloween costume.}


{our first family halloween! bank robbers with our sack of money!}


{eloise in ear muffs – so stinkin’ cute!}


{cuddles with mom. & her hand.}


{watched lots of sunday football. what was up with those steelers’ uniforms?}


{sporting pink socks at pure barre for breast cancer awareness month.}


{yay, halloween candy!}

this weekend was a blur! we had crazy fall weather – stormy, windy, sunny – which really made it feel like october. saturday was ben & sarah’s big halloween party & eloise was such a hit! she was the cutest little sack of money & just slept & slept with those little ear buds on. we are gearing up for a busy week which will end with eloise’s first halloween – so excited! how was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, & amanda  are loving this week. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} friends on netflix.


fellow friends fans – we will be able to watch all 10 seasons on netflix starting january 1st!

{two} old navy vintage tee.

old navy

these old navy vintage tees have been a long-time favorite of mine, but even more so now when my usual daily uniform is jeans, a tee, & a sweater or button-up shirt. these are the softest tee shirts & right now they are $5!

{three} hunter rain boots.


rain boots are pretty much a must-have when you live in the pacific northwest. last year my j.crew wellies sprung a leak – major bummer – so I have been on the hunt for a new pair. I am loving these high gloss hunters!

what are you loving this week?


project house {diy sputnik chandelier}

a house update – it’s been a long time, huh? I guess that’s what happens when you have a baby at the end of a house remodel… in happy news, I am going to share a fun house update! {& in even happier news, we are 100% DONE with construction!}

as soon as I started seeing the entryway come to life – demolition of the office & old entry walls, & drywall – I started brainstorming what type of light fixture would go above the stairwell. the space is so big & bright with two big windows centered in the space, & was begging for a big, bold, & dramatic light fixture. given our very tight light fixture budget, I started the hunt for an awesome DIY & found the perfect one!

much like jenny over at Little Green Notebook {her blog is absolutely inspiring!} I was dreaming of a sputnik chandelier (like the one pictured below). wouldn’t that have been amazing? needless to say, this wasn’t in my budget. luckily, jenny created an ikea hack for a DIY version of a sputnik!


{sputnik chandelier via}

I followed jenny’s tutorial pretty much exactly, but have included in progress photos of my version. while I had plans & the supplies to do this project by late spring, I didn’t find the time to actually do any of it until I started my maternity leave at the end of july. so, you can picture me at 37 weeks handpainting all of these flowers {that’s two coats on each side!}. by the time I had finished painting the flowers, I made aaron find our paint sprayer so I didn’t have to handpaint the rest of the fixture!


& the final product!


this is such an amazing piece & I am so, so proud of it! it makes such a statement & you see it as soon as you walk in the front door. one of my favorite DIYs to date!

& for reference, this is what the original ikea fixture looks like. an improvement, right?


have you DIY’d a light fixture?


eloise {week 10}


{Indiana onesie: etsy* // jeans: Old Navy (similar) // socks: crewcuts (similar)}

{week 10} we are into two digits – seriously? I think I say this every week but where does the time go? slow down!

eloise is still lots of smiles this week & absolutely obsessed with her hand (mostly the right one) & any kind of light. it is the sweetest thing when she stares at her hand, wiggles her fingers, & then shoves the entire thing into her mouth. an endless source of fun! & lights, boy, she is definitely living up to her nickname: Bug.

feeding is going well & I finally feel like I have hit a good stride with nursing this little one. it only took 9 weeks, but we got it! it is amazing how much eloise has filled out – those cheeks! – & it is what everyone comments on whenever they see her. we are loving all of those little rolls! eloise is also just starting to fit into 3 to 6 month clothing, especially when wearing a cloth diaper, though it is slightly large still (as you can see from the big cuffs at the bottom of her jeans this week).

*showing some Indiana love this week – thanks auntie Erin & Uncle Colt!

happy 10 weeks eloise!


my weekend in pictures.


{seriously, this kid! love her.}


{trying out homemade cloth wipe solution.}


{my two favorite people!}


{eloise is loving play time.}


{family nap time.}


{I’ll take the fall weather if it means baby jeans & moccasins!}


{I am not doing the 60 day challenge, but did make it to my sunday morning barre class. what a great way to start the week!}


{packing for quick trip this week.}


{what a happy kiddo!}


{even though it means I can’t do anything else during nap time, I live for these cuddles. her little hand gripping onto my shirt is the best!}

we had a low-key weekend spent mostly at home just hanging out & getting a few things done here & there. with most of our weekends packed full, it was nice to just lay low. despite some rainy weather making an appearance recently, we had beautiful & sunny fall weather! how was your weekend?