my weekend in pictures.


{my last day of work was on friday. so strange! hello maternity leave!}


{whole foods was having a huge sale on bars on saturday. aaron decided we should stock up!}


{we were the clampetts this weekend when we picked up some box springs for our new bed & had to tie them up on the roof of our car!}


{we met some friends at black raven brewery for a great date night!}


{so enjoying peach season! & thanks to my husband for removing all of the skins… even though he thinks it is so ridiculous.}


{after a few trips back & forth over lake washington this weekend, we finally got stuck at a bridge crossing this morning. at least it was a pretty view of the lake!}


{we spent some time at the house this weekend & started moving back in. good thing we are getting some help with cleaning since there is a layer of dust on everything!}


{we finally got summer weather back in the PNW! I always worry about keeping sadie cool when the weather is hot. then I see her lay in the sun & I realize I shouldn’t worry so much.}


{lots of cleaning was happening this weekend. I think this is foreshadowing what our foreseeable future looks like.}


{lots of painting – by our subs – was completed at the house this weekend!}


{another dinner date this weekend with friends at skillet diner in ballard. so delish!}


{sadie was loving the cold concrete floor at lowe’s this evening. I sort of wanted to lay down with her!}

we had big plans to spend lots of time at the house this weekend & really start moving in. we were a bit foiled when there was still interior painting being completed in both our old space & new space. we did the best we could but still have a long ways to go – that’s the way renovations work, right? the weather was absolutely amazing though so it was such a great summer weekend. I officially start my maternity leave tomorrow & have about a million-&-a-half things on my to-do list before baby lower makes an appearance. how was your weekend?


project house {week 16}


{window trim & picture rail in stairwell // trim in stairwell // stairs covered & ready for painting // sadie’s dog door installed // trim around doorway in entry // window trim & trim in stairwell}


{floors downstairs prepped for painting // master bath vanity waiting for installation // sadie’s dog crate & under the stairs closet // office window trim // hinges are up // down the hall towards our master bed & bath}


{floor & trim patching in the kitchen // trim patching in living room // doorway trim in living room // stair hand rails ready for installation & painting}

last week all of the millwork – trim – went in & it all looks great! we have pretty traditional craftsman style trim in the upstairs that we wanted to continue into the new space. the picture rail was continued into the entryway & stairwell, but not anywhere downstairs; it may be something we add to the master bedroom perhaps at some point in the future but since the ceilings are almost a foot lower downstairs, we decided to hold off on putting picture rail thru-out the new space. the hinges are also all installed & the doors are ready to be hung & just waiting for hardware.

this week we will have interior painters in, starting with touch up in the upstairs spaces – kitchen, living room – & continuing on to paint the new space. lots of people have asked about paint colors & then I think are a little disappointed in my answer. most of the new space – entryway, stairwell, laundry room, hallway, office, nursery, kids’ bath, & master bath – will all be simply white by benjamin moore. the master bedroom will be revere pewter by benjamin moore. under other circumstances {mostly not being almost due with baby!} I probably would have chosen an actual color palette to save aaron & me the work of later needing to paint any walls. however, I went with white because I knew it would be a safe choice & a good canvas for any future color. I do have color plans for the rest of the space, including painting the ceiling of the kids’ bath {like this} & painting stripes on the nursery ceiling, so no worries!

like I mentioned last week, we are going to start moving into the house slowly starting this weekend. I don’t know if we are more excited or nervous! there is so much stuff packed into our living room right now {though our contractor will clear out his stuff} & there is more stuff to fit in there, like the crib, dresser/changing table, & other baby necessities. if that doesn’t sound like a good nesting project {except for moving the really heavy stuff} I don’t know what is!


project baby {week 37}



{pleione tunic via nordstrom*}

{week 37} this is my last week of work which is pretty crazy to think about. between the house remodel, working full-time, & just a busy summer schedule I am definitely ready to take these last few weeks to really nest! I have already started a lot of laundry, but there are a few projects {like painting the dresser/changing table & finding a side table} that I would like to get started & completed before baby lower makes his or her appearance!

we were finally able to meet the other mid-wife at my doctor’s office last week. she is lovely & we love her as much as we do our other mid-wife desiree. based on when I end up going into labor & delivering, one of the two of them will deliver baby lower! in terms of measurements, my BP is still great, my belly is measuring right on, & baby’s heartbeat is very strong! baby is still head down & appears to be facing backwards {I think that’s anterior facing?} – anyways it is all good!

we are meeting with our doula later this week to talk more specifics about our expectations for the labor & delivery, as well as starting our birth plan. after completing our childbirth class a few weekends ago we have had a lot of discussions about our plan but really haven’t put anything down on paper to share with the rest of our medical team.

baby is moving around a lot these days with lots of strong kicks & jabs. also, it seems a little ridiculous that the produce this week is a mini watermelon given the babe is close to 19 or 20 inches, though the weight is probably about right. we are pretty limited in the produce department these days & still have 3 more weeks worth of produce to find! I think next baby we should stick with inanimate objects…

three more weeks left – eeps!


*for all of you other expecting mamas, I would highly recommend this tunic! I picked it up at the nordstrom anni sale in my regular size expecting that it would be a great post-partem shirt & good for nursing. I tried it on when I got it last week & it actually fits the bump! the back of the shirt is cotton & has a bit of a stretch which is lovely. I gravitate to white shirts since then I can pair them with colorful jackets & blazers come winter, but this would be a great shirt in all of the colors for work!

my weekend in pictures.


{sadie cuddling with the bump.}


{hit up the nordy’s anni sale with my mom on saturday. haven’t been to the anni sale in person in years since I always pre-sale. what a nut house!}


{I finally decided I could wear a pair of birkenstocks. then I found out my feet are too small… #fail}


{got the car seat this weekend & finally got to see my cover in action!}


{found my grandmother’s old slides & enjoyed lots of slideshows of her life.}


{finally got the glider for the nursery delivered! it is living in the living room until the nursery space is ready.}


{started doing lots of baby laundry. #nesting}


{went on a double date to see begin again with aaron & my parents. it was really cute & has a great soundtrack!}

this weekend we had the pleasure of hosting my parents & some cooler summer weather! I feel like we got quite a few things checked off the to-do list which is feeling really great. a little weird to be going into my last week of work this week – it’s hard to complain about monday morning!

how was your weekend?

project house {week 15}




{gutters! // extra storage under the front stairs // east side fence // west side fence}

**I realize every picture shows the house a different color – the first one with the fence is the most accurate**





{floors in the upstairs entry & hallway // floor panel in closet under stairs // floors in entryway // stairs & landing // stairs & downstairs floor}



{penny tile in kids’ bath! // doors // subway tile & marble in master shower}



{master bath floor // master bath shower // subway tile}

this past week all of the flooring was basically completed – salvaged wood floors upstairs were stained & conditioned {first round}, stairs were completed with new fir – stained & conditioned, & tile in the bathrooms was grouted. it is looking so amazing!

up this week: hanging doors & installing millwork! for both of these elements we are trying to keep true to the original craftsman style in the house, & having 5 panel doors & simple, thick trim with quarter-round.

as for timeline {which is everyone’s question these days!}: we are planning on moving into the main level {living room, kitchen, bath, & bedroom} in a week & a half, & the entire project is slated to be finished sometime the week of august 18th. not ideal I know since baby lower is due on august 12th, but there really isn’t much we can do {trust me, I’ve asked!}. all of this finish work takes a lot of time! & for those of you wondering, nope, I won’t get to set up the nursery until after the house is done. that means setting up baby’s nursery furniture in the living room for now so that its ready to move downstairs as soon as we get the greenlight – anyone want to help?


project baby {week 36}



{maxi dress & cardi: target (old)}

{week 36} this week has brought on a bit more pregnancy carpal tunnel which isn’t very fun. I have found that ice & cold water helps relieve some of the pain & also had a friend {who had carpal tunnel for real} lend me her wrist braces for sleeping in since she just had surgery. the pain is definitely alleviated in the morning after being able to wear the braces all night – the only problem is I can’t take them off without assistance! {thanks husband!}

we are also onto weekly pre-natal visits with our midwife which is mostly starting to talk about labor & delivery. it is always exciting to hear baby lower’s heart beat on the doppler & we also got a small peak at baby’s head to confirm that baby lower is still head down – yay! we also took a childbirth prep & breastfeeding class this weekend at swedish hospital which was really informative. it definitely helped that the instructor was a former doula & had very similar ideas of child birth & labor to what our ideals are. all-in-all it was a good opportunity for aaron & I to think & talk about some of the unknowns about birth & give us a good base to ask our doula questions next week when we meet with her. the class definitely made things a lot more real for us which is both awesome & terrifying.

on the to-do list this week is to order the remainder of the nursery “necessities” off of our registry! we have been storing everything so far & much of it is still in boxes. it will be like another shower when we get everything to the house & set up {eventually!}.

also, we just passed thru july 12th which officially puts us at less than a month… now the pregnancy apps are counting down in days. how did this go so quickly?

mamas – what did you wear during the last few weeks of your pregnancy? I am living in {maxi/jersey} dresses!


project baby {car seat cover}

{be sure to check out amanda’s car seat cover too!}

there are a few craft projects that I wanted to finish for baby lower before his or her arrival, especially since I am not able to set up the nursery space yet {its like my own kind of nesting!}. I didn’t want to take on anything too big, but a car seat cover seemed do-able.

amanda & I chatted a bit about this project this tutorial of a car seat cover complete with a peek-a-boo window. at first I was worried about the extra step of adding the window {since I am definitely a beginning sewer} but after reading thru the instructions a few times, I decided to go for it! {side note: this is the first time I have ever had to top-stitch & it went better than I thought it would!}

Car Seat Canopy

{peek-a-boo car seat canopy}


  • 1 1/3 yard front fabric – I used this cloud fabric from PlayTimeFabrics on Etsy
  • 1 1/3 yard back fabric – I used a similar fabric to this circle dot fabric from JoAnn 
  • 4 inches of sew-on Velcro
  • medium bowl (to make the rounded corners)
  • ruler, measuring tape, scissors, matching thread (I used white for this entire project)

I followed the instructions pretty much exactly, & apparently don’t have any of my in progress photos… I know I took them, but I cannot find them for the life of me! darn that pregnancy brain! so here are some final photos. our car seat is en route, so just imagine it draped over a car seat!


{the front with the flap & the straps // close up of the flap}


{the inside of the flap & the peek-a-boo window // the inside of the cover}

I am really happy with how this cover turned out – it will be perfect to keep baby lower out of the sun & also to keep any germy hands out of the car seat! plus since its just two pieces of cotton fabric, it is really light for the late summer & early fall months. the fabric selection was a bit of a challenge for me at first since I wanted to keep it neutral without being boring & this cloud fabric was exactly what I needed!

mamas out there – did you use a car seat cover?