eloise {week 24}


{cardigan: Old Navy (old) // tee: babyGap (old) // jeans: babyGap (similar) // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 24} this week’s picture is so perfect since eloise is constantly sucking on her bottom lip. it’s pretty darn cute! she is still all about putting everything in her mouth {& I mean everything, including the back cushion on her nursery glider!}. her dexterity is amazing these days – she can reach out & grab things in front of her, or hold onto something & look at it.

along with sleeping better {& learning how to put herself to sleep} eloise decided that her pacifier isn’t quite as necessary as it was before. she will take it on occasion but mostly sucks on her fingers {both thumbs!} or her lovie if she is trying to fall asleep. if we do try to give her her pacifier, she would much rather have you put it in her hand so that she can put it in her mouth. sometimes it makes it in, & sometimes she chews on the edges like a teething toy.

eloise has also really found her voice these past few weeks. she is squeaking & squawking constantly – it’s really adorable! she is mostly making vowel sounds & not really any consonants, though I am constantly telling her “mama mama mama” or “dada dada dada.” we have been starting baby signs as well, mostly to give us practice, & sticking with just the basics – milk, all done, more, mama, & papa. 

happy 24 weeks eloise!


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my weekend in pictures.


{this little one is all over her crib these days, including hanging out.}


{keeping busy with mister moose.}


{sometimes it feels like a luxury to light a candle while you brush your teeth!}


{we may have hung one too many jackets on our coat rack…}


{a long walk with papa, sadie, grammie, & mama!}


{I made eloise some drool bandanas. so fun! a DIY-ish post likely to come.}


{being silly.}


{brown paper & ribbon is my jam.}


{beautiful valentine’s day artwork by my mama!}


{date night!}


{we saw dirty dancing this evening on our date while eloise hung out with grammie.}

my mama {grammie} was in town this weekend so there were lots of cuddles, hugs, & giggles. we didn’t have too much planned & the weather didn’t cooperate for the first part of the weekend, but we had the most beautiful weather today! it felt like spring – sunny & low 60s! how was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

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{one} sandra boynton books in español.

{via Amazon}

books have always been important to us when it comes to reading to baby. we have them all over the house & have incorporated them into both eloise’s naptime & bedtime routine. after reading this Nat Geo article {thanks Dad!} we are even more on board about books, reading to eloise, & exposure to foreign language. sandra boynton is one of our favorite authors around here & her books are available in spanish!

{two} fierce.

This is the year I will be stronger, braver, kinder, and unstoppable. This year I will be fierce.


this is the perfect quote for me as I start this year. motherhood has pushed me to be a person that I never thought I could be {for the better!} & I feel empowered to be fierce!

{three} west elm souk wool rug.

{via West Elm}

my very favorite & go-to home décor store West Elm is having a limited sale which includes this beautiful souk rug I have had my eye on for some time. even though it’s a super popular rug & used on a lot of design sites, it is nice to see it used in different spaces {which makes me think it would look great in our living room too!}. I am hoping to upgrade the sad little rug we have in our living room some day…

what are you loving this week?


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eloise {week 23}


{shirt & cords: babyGap – thanks Auntie Jennifer!}

{week 23} this week has been much more restful for all of us now that eloise has learned to sleep! she is sleeping thru the night {12 hours!} which is making this mama so happy. bedtime has become easier as the routine has become more, well, routine. naps on the other hand are still very much a challenge, but I think we are making some headway. we do a similar routine before naptimes, but eloise seems to have so much more trouble getting herself to sleep & staying asleep during the day. we have tried to be as consistent as we can during the day with naps in terms of being home so she can nap in her crib {& not on the go} which makes going out during the day & actually doing anything a little challenging.

sitting is going to be eloise’s next big milestone, I think, as she just wants to be upright these days. when you lie her down on anything, she is crunching her head & torso up {like a crunch} & enjoys being on her feet! eloise can sit for a few seconds on her own now, but because she still is throwing herself backwards, I am wary of letting her sit for too long unassisted. as mentioned here aaron put together eloise’s high chair in anticipation of her starting solids soon {wait, really? how is she this old already?!}. we have been having eloise join us during dinner time in a seat on the table {either her bumbo or ingenuity} for a while now, but just started her in her highchair this week. she seems to love it!

for those who have asked, we decided on this stokke tripp trapp highchair since it will grow with eloise & become an adult-sized chair at some point. we added the baby set which will let us use it with eloise now, rather than waiting until she is completely able to sit in a chair on her own. we will probably use one of her chairs {with trays} when we first start with solids since she can sit up a bit more upright in them, but plan to transition eloise into her highchair so she can join us right at the table for mealtimes. 

happy 23 weeks eloise!


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my weekend in pictures.


{finally getting our trees trimmed. luckily, it was right before a huge windstorm!}


{such a ham, this little one.}


{this is what eloise would rather do than have mama read the book.}


{bedtime with these two. melt my heart.}


{eloise usually wakes up in such a good mood. I love this kid!}


{& this is how eloise prefers to spend her time when she should be eating… so distracted!]


{unwinding with a big cup of cocoa!}


{rolling, rolling, rolling.}


{aaron put together eloise’s highchair this weekend. I am not ready for this yet.}


{celebrated a huge seahawks win with a pure barre class!}


{guess who came over for dinner tonight? eloise loves spending time with sami & brandon!}

we had a great weekend full of football games & catching up with friends! not a lot of particularly eventful things this weekend, but restful & productive. here’s to another great week! how was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, amanda, & laura are loving this week. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} julep florence polish.

Thumbnail dollop of Classic camel crème nail polish

{via julep}

my wonderful husband met a friend at greenlake for a walk {& took eloise} & suggested that I go get a mani/pedi this afternoon while he was out. #husbandoftheyear #Ilovepaternityleave luckily, today was a slow day at Julep {my fav nail salon} & I got right in. I haven’t had a mani/pedi since before eloise was born {!} – it was luxurious. any-hoo I chose florence as my mani color & I am obsessed. it is the perfect color to feel like you are put together, but not flashy. plus, as it starts to chip, it won’t be so obvious.

{two} manhattan toy company.


eloise already has a ton {a TON} of toys, but our favorite ones have been from the manhattan toy company. eloise loves this one {the Winkel – we refer to as Doug}, this one {the Ziggles – we refer to as Gretchen}, & a snuggly elephant {which I can’t find a link to, but is pictured with eloise here}.

{three} gap gfast leggings.

GapFit gFast leggings

{gap gfast leggings}

I know most people are obsessed with lululemon for all things workout gear, but I am really loving what GapFit has these days. especially these leggings. they are super comfy, wash well {I wash but don’t dry!}, & have a bit of compression. if you are looking for a new pair of workout pants, I highly recommend (plus they are reasonably priced!).

what are you loving this week?


eloise {week 22}


{Livin’ the Dream tee: Old Navy (old) // onesie: Old Navy // jeans: Old Navy // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 22} this week has been all about sleep! as discussed in her five month update, eloise hasn’t been a great sleeper for months. we officially started sleep training this week & boy is it rough. this is a pretty very controversial topic & parents everyone has his or her own opinion, but you just have to pick what feels right for your family & for your kid.

we have had a few tears & some unslept naps this week, but we are seeing some major progress already. the first night eloise was able to put herself to sleep {!} & awake after 4 hours & 45 minutes, & was up just a few times. it probably seems silly to some that I list out the hours & minutes, but this is huge! this little lady has slept more than 4 hours in a row only a handful of times {which means this mama hasn’t slept for more than 4 hours in a row for 5 months!}. then last night eloise slept 6 hours {!!} & made a few squeaks, but neither of us had to get up with her until her early morning feeding at 4 this morning! seriously, so. much. progress.

naps are still challenging since it takes a bit for eloise to settle herself still, but we are making headway for sure. the wonderful thing about eloise is that even if she blows thru an entire nap & she’s tired, she isn’t cranky but is all smiles! thanks for that e!

eloise had vaccines this week as well &, as usual, was such a champ! she had one in each leg & cried after one for about three seconds, & that was it. she is sporting two Bugs Bunny band-aids on her chunky little legs, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered at all.

one thing that I have been meaning to add to e’s updates {mostly for my own memory as this is e’s baby book after all!} is that she adores, & I mean ADORES, bold prints. by that I mean if you wear a shirt with stripes, polka dots, or colorful shapes, eloise will be mesmerized by it. I wear a lot of stripes so I am particularly distracting to her these days…

a lot of people {seriously everyone!} has been asking about it, so I thought I would add: we aren’t going to start solids with eloise until she is 6 months. there are a few reasons for this, including that her pediatrician told us at her 4 month check-up to wait, eloise isn’t sitting upright by herself & isn’t super interested in food yet, I love not having to clean-up solid food diapers, bibs, dishes, & I may or may not be in denial about eloise even being big enough to eat solids! I am planning on doing a mixture of pureed foods & small solids {baby-led weaning} once we do start next month.

happy 22 weeks eloise!