a pinterest christmas: glitter letter garland & chalkboard wreath.

welcome to week three {& the final project} of a pinterest christmas! {see the first two weeks of projects here, here, here, & here} i have been eyeing the glitter letter garlands that have been floating around Pinterest & the inter-webs for some time now, waiting for the perfect occasion to make one {if christmas isn’t the perfect occasion for glitter, i don’t know what is!}. i also wanted to make use of our chalkboard entry again & found a fun way to marry these two projects.


{original pinterest link – glitter letters}


  • letter stencils – i made my own in Word

  • glitter cardstock – i got mine from Michael’s

  • scissors

  • exacto knife – i highly recommend this for cutting out the inside of the “a”

  • plastic straw – {optional} i used to string the letters onto ribbon

  • ribbon/twine/string

  • glue – {optional to use with straw} i used tacky craft glue

first i chose the phrase i wanted to use. “fa la la la” seemed like a fun choice! then i made my stencils using Word. i just typed in the letters i needed – F, L, A – & played with the fonts & sizes until i found something i liked.

then i cut out my stencils, traced them backwards onto the back {non-glitter} side of the cardstock, & cut out the letters.

in order to string the letters onto the ribbon i chose, i decided to give a straw a try. i cut a plastic straw into small pieces, about an inch or so {less than the width of the top of the letter to disguise it} & glued the side of the straw to the back of the top of each letter.



i then strung each letter onto the ribbon.


for the chalkboard wreath, i decided on the empty wall where i drew last year’s festive chalkboard art {see here} as it is the first thing you see when you walk thru our front door. my main goal for this wreath was to create a simple backdrop for the glittery garland.

Christmas Chalkboard Wreath

{original pinterest link – no original link}

i started by softly outlining the shape of the wreath in chalk so that it was big enough for the garland to stretch across. then I erased the lines I drew with a wet washcloth in the circle shape that I wanted. i started to add white dots within the wet area, followed by red & green ones. I added dots somewhat randomly & then stepped back to see where I needed to fill in. it wasn’t a very scientific process & I liked that it didn’t need to be perfect {which is a lot if you know me!}.

i hung the garland across using push pins after I had the basic shape in place so I could use it for reference.

_DSC3451_DSC3453_DSC3454_DSC3455_DSC3456SONY DSC

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have you been {p}inspired by any christmas projects this year?


a pinterest christmas: gold-tipped pinecone garland.

yep, this is the second project for week one of this year’s a pinterest christmas {see the first project here} – i am planning two projects per week so stay tuned for those.

today i wanted to share a fun new garland. it is definitely festive & has some sparkle {which i love!} but could be awesome to keep up year-round too!

DIY gold leaf pinecone garland

{original pinterest link – pinecone garland}


  • pinecones – i had some displayed in our living room plus my mom mailed over some from idaho – thanks!
  • craft paint – i used a metallic gold paint from Michael’s
  • glitter – {optional} i used a fine glitter by martha stewart from Michael’s
  • paintbrush
  • twine/string/ribbon – i used this twine with gold from Amazon
  • cardboard or a box – i recommend this to contain the glitter

this was a really simple project that i was able to complete during a crafternoon with Amanda. it was easy enough to paint the pinecones while chatting & catching up, so you could do it in front of the tv as well.

i used a small flat craft paintbrush with a small amount of gold paint to brush just the tips of the pinecone {note: amanda used a small foam craft paintbrush which worked well too}. i avoided painting the very top stem of the pinecone so that i had something to hold onto once i started painting. i started from the top of the pinecone & worked my way around the top, moving down once i had painted the tips in the top section.


if you are adding glitter, be sure to be working at a space that you don’t mind having residual glitter for a while. i used a shallow cardboard box {Amanda got it from Costco} so that i could contain most of the glitter.

i would recommend painting just two or three tips in a section near each other & then sprinkling glitter on while the paint is still damp. you don’t need a lot of paint to coat just the tips, so if you wait until all of the tips are painted, the glitter won’t stick to the section you painted first. i used a very fine glitter so the tips weren’t encrusted with glitter, but just enough stuck so that there was a shimmer.


once the pinecones are dry – i would wait at least half a day – you can string them. one of the tutorials i found on Pinterest {see here} had instructions on screwing eye hooks into the tops of each pinecone, which is definitely an option if you are up for it. i decided just to use the twine/string that i had to see if that would work. i enlisted aaron to help & he came up with a way to loop the string around the pinecone stem & another tip which worked out so well. so this is the trick: you take the string in both hands & make a loop; pull one piece of the string thru the first loop to create a second loop; place the first loop around the stem & the second loop around a tip right next to it; then gently pull the loops to close & repeat for each pinecone.

_DSC3407_DSC3417_DSC3415SONY DSC

i added a garland of gold paper tassels that i had made for aaron’s birthday party {see here} though i think the pinecones are fun on their own, especially if you had a mantle.

also be sure to check out Amanda’s pinecone DIY over on her blog here!

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{also, catch up on the last two years on my diy tutorials page here.}

have you been {p}inspired by any christmas projects this year?


aaron’s thirtieth birthday party.

as i mentioned here we celebrated aaron’s big 3-0 this weekend with family & friends. his birthday isn’t really until this friday, but since that kicks off memorial day weekend, we figured it would be a better turn-out if we threw the party the weekend before.

i have spent the last few months planning & making party decorations, so it was really awesome to see it all come to life on saturday. originally i was going to do a james bond theme as it seemed like a good use of aaron’s white dinner jacket from andy & hailey’s wedding. but then i decided that as much as it would be fun to have the guys dress up in suits & the gals dress up in formals, it would be better as a theme for a big sit-down dinner (which we don’t have the space for). so i decided a beer theme would be fun for aaron (since i knew there would be beer at his party anyways) & went with that. i was able to find paper goods in the theme of a beer tasting & recruited a good friend who brews home brew regularly as our beer master.

i borrowed a few ideas from pinterest {if you are curious, my pinterest board for this party is here} & will share those & my sources below. for now, enjoy the pictures! {there were a few more pictures taken at the party, but for the sake of our guest’s privacy, i decided not to put all of them up here.}




there were {and still are} thirty gold balloons hanging in our front window & each one {well, almost} has a happy birthday wish or favorite memory of aaron from our close family & friends. it means a lot to aaron & me to have received these beautiful notes & thank you to those of you who i harassed to get them to me in time for the party!

source & inspiration list:

thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us – we had such an amazing time! &, last but not least, happy {early} birthday to my wonderful husband!


a pinterest christmas: magazine bows & chalkboard art.

welcome to the fourth week of a pinterest christmas! {see the first, second, & third week posts}

pinterest christmas logo

even though it is the day after christmas, i wanted to share two projects with you because it is still the holiday season, right?

first up, magazine bows. every year i try to re-use as much as i can when it comes to wrapping presents. last year i wrapped all of our presents in re-used paper grocery bags & added real red ribbon for a festive touch. this year i knew i was going to wrap in paper grocery bags, but i wanted to make my own bows.

magazine bows

{original pinterest link – recycled bows}


  • magazine/newspaper/catalog/book pages
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • ruler


you start by cutting the strips of paper. for each bow you need nine strips in all: the three long strips are the original length of the magazine page; the next three strips are one inch shorter than the original length; the two strips are two inches shorter than the original length; and the shortest is three-and-a-half or four inches.

once the strips are cut, you will start looping & taping. {i started with the longest & went down in size order.} take a strip & fold it in half. open the strip back up & put a small square of tape on the middle of the fold. loop the top part of the strip & attach the end to the tape square; add another tape square on the taped end of the strip, loop the bottom part of the strip & attach the end.


repeat with all of the strips. make a circle out of the shortest strip. to assemble the bow, start with one of the biggest strip loops & add a square of tape to the middle. stack another big strip loop on top of the first one, alternating the direction. add a square of tape to the middle of the top loop & add the last big strip loop, alternating the direction. repeat with the remaining five loops being sure to alternate the direction of the loops to form a bow. finally, add a tape square & attach the paper circle to the center. ta-da!


second up is my chalkboard art i added to our chalkboarded entryway. there were lots & lots of pinspiration posts for this project. {see my christmas pinterest board here}

i knew i wanted to put a fun holiday phrase on the wall & scoured pinterest for ideas. once i figured out what phrase i wanted – may your days be merry & bright – i sketched a few ideas of fonts & form. i also decided to add color for a bit of a pop!


{my initial sketch of the letters & layout – sorry for the blue picture, my white balance was off!}


{the festive art as you walk into our house.}

{thinking about taking on this project? feel free to leave questions in the comments, and i’d love for you to comment with a link to projects you make inspired by mine.}

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have you been {p}inspired by any christmas projects?