my long weekend in pictures.

{The girls and I spent Friday morning baking Aaron a cake. He requested chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, so that’s what we did!}

{And Eloise got to decorate the top of the cake with mini peanut butter cups!}

{Happy Birthday, Aaron!}

{The girls sang “Happy Birthday” to Aaron basically all week, so they were super stoked to actually sing along with the cake and candles.}

{We had a birthday date night at Wataru in our neighborhood and it did not disappoint! The restaurant has been listed as one of the best sushi spots in the city, and they were not kidding. It was seriously the BEST sushi of my life! Also, we dressed up and everything and then completely forgot to take a picture. Fail.}

{A rainy evening called for family movie night. Eloise picked The Grinch, naturally. Plus, every single morning this week Daphne has woken up asking for movie and popcorn!}

{And the girls kept on-theme with their Christmas jammies.}

{Finally the sun came out on Sunday and we were able to get out into the yard! Aaron split some hostas and we got some planting and weeding done while the girls ran around the yard.}

{And then Eloise was able to take her new (early birthday) bike out for a spin. She doesn’t know how to use the pedals yet, but is taking a bike camp this summer. However, that did not stop her from wanting to ride her bike for the rest of the weekend. Aaron took the training wheels, and eventually the pedals, off so that she can use it as a balance bike until camp.}

{She’s so proud of her big kid bike!}

{Eloise discovered the Etch-A-Sketch at a friend’s birthday party on Sunday evening. I think she’s gonna be a pro!}

{Load ’em up!}

{Aaron and the girls met up with Ben and Sarah on their bikes and rode down to U Village for brunch. I drove. Ha! I am not great on a bike and there’s no way I would feel safe biking with traffic. But the girls had an awesome time!}

{This evening was perfect for dining al fresco.}

After a pretty cold and wet start to Memorial Day weekend, we ended it really feeling like summer is just around the corner. We got a ton done around the house, including lots of weeding and grout sealing (in our shower). It feels crazy that the end of this week is JUNE, but here we go!

How was your weekend?


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