my {long} weekend in pictures.

{After being in jammies all morning, we got dressed and headed out before lunchtime on Friday to explore the neighborhood! And Daphne insisted on wearing her backpack (which was completely empty).}

{Eloise and I finally were able to finish her third and final rainbow project from her Kiwi Co crate. This was a little bag that she decorated with tissue paper and I was SO impressed that she knew exactly what color order the rainbow is!}

{These girlies are ALWAYS reading together. And pants are always optional. (And yes, she is wearing a diaper!)}

{Eloise and I headed over to Seattle ReCreative (which is a craft store and space that uses all repurposed and reused crafting materials) for a friend’s birthday party. She ended up making the sweetest little robot (shown above) and rocket ship!}

{We didn’t have enough time to stop before the birthday party to get the birthday present (doh!) but we did get to Seattle Pops afterwards. And we came across this sweet little walrus on the street in Wallingford.}

{Daphne was enjoying sitting on Papa’s lap (she calls it yap) and “working.”}

{At family dinner on Saturday night Daphne was loving taking care of all of the babies (real and pretend) and rocking in this Daphne-sized chair.}

{After we put the kids down for bed (all FIVE of them, phew!) we sat down and enjoyed our new favorite game, 7 Wonders. It’s so, so fun and I highly recommend it if you like to play board games!}

{Prepped for brunch on Sunday with friends by making a quiche from the Magnolia Table cookbook. It was a pretty easy Three Cheese recipe, and so, so tasty!}

{Brunch was also a play date with one of Eloise’s new preschool friends. It has been SO fun to watch her make new friends and get to know some new families. This was a very rousing game of Go Fish!}

{And we ended our weekend with games as well. Aaron and Eloise played a few rounds of War which is such a great game for her right now as she is really learning her numbers and counting.}

We had such a FUN long weekend full of lots of friends and play dates! Plus, one of my very best friends is getting married in TWO weeks and one of my other ones just had her sweet baby girl! It’s been so much fun celebrating these big, happy occasions!

But even amidst all of the fun and socializing, I did still try to reflect on where we are as humans as we remembered Dr. King. His words have been shared around the world today, but this quote spoke to me more loudly than the others: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” In our current state, I feel like we need much more kindness, much more compassion, and much more love.

How was your weekend?


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