my weekend in pictures.

{We headed down to Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center to meet up with friends on Friday morning since the girls and I were going a little stir-crazy but it was raining. These two cuties are just a few weeks apart in age and are developing the cutest friendship!}

{The kids discovered that some of these “truck” cars have a backseat so they spent quite a few time trying to figure out how many kids could get into one single car. And the answer was four.}

{These girls are so sweet, some of the time. Eloise really has been wanting to “read” to Daphne; this means she has memorized a book and then just recites it to her!}

{We headed out to PlayDate SEA on Saturday morning to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was our first time there with the kids, but we all had such a fun time! The parents took turns either sitting and chatting with coffee and snacks, or keeping up with the kids in the playing gym.}

{Daphne got this coat and these rain boots from a friend last week and hasn’t wanted to wear anything else since. Seriously, she insists on both things when we head out the door. And she loves pockets!}

{Happy Birthday Ander! We spent most of our day Saturday helping celebrate our friend Ander who turned two!}

{Daphne enjoyed the cupcake. Obviously.}

{Waiting for brunch this morning! (Notice what Daphne is wearing!) We have new friends at Eloise’s school and brunch was suggested, yes please! Super Bueno in Fremont is a fan-favorite since they food is yummy and there is a kids’ play area upstairs. A hot tip is that the restaurant opens at 11 am, so if you want one of the tables upstairs right next to the play area, you have to be one of the first two or three parties in line when it opens.}

{Mmmm, brunch! And thanks to the play area for the kiddos, these mamas and papas got to enjoy hot coffee and warm food. That’s pretty much the dream, right?}

{I’ve been putting it off all winter break but finally found some time to get some “housekeeping” things checked off my list, including thank you notes for Christmas.}

{And Christmas finally came down at the Lower house with the last remaining decorations (the outside lights) coming down this afternoon. I put away the inside decorations, including the giant tree, a few days after Christmas, but still felt like I wanted the lights up since they make the house look so magical.}

We had a fun-filled first weekend of 2019 spent with lots of friends! I am still having trouble believing it is 2019… the year we have a two year old and a five year old, what?

But it’s been nice to feel like we have a clean, fresh start on the year. I decided not to make any formal New Year’s Resolutions this year, other than to prioritize things that make me (or my family) truly HAPPY! Do you have any Resolutions?

Also, tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten registration and I sort of can’t believe it. You’ll likely find me scrolling thru all of Eloise’s old baby pictures trying to imagine how she is headed to elementary school in a few short months.

How was your weekend?


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