daphne {month eighteen}


{alligator: Jelly Cat // tee: vintage (Aaron’s old) // jeans: babyGap (similar)}

{month eighteen} Can’t you just hear her saying “CHEESE!” when you see this picture? This age is SO MUCH fun and it is especially fun with Daphne girl. She continues to be the sweetest, sweetest kid and her chatting and babbling (and marching) is probably the cutest thing ever.

Daphne is at the age where she wants to do everything (and I mean everything) that she sees anyone else do, especially Eloise. It’s impossibly cute and slightly annoying at the same time. But these two girls have such a strong sister bond and there is nothing I want to do to keep that from them. So when Daphne needs everything that Eloise has, and Eloise has to wear the same jammies as Daphne, I just go with it!

These days Daphne refuses to use her plastic utensils (we had this introduction set * and this plastic set) if anyone else around her is using metal utensils. And the same is true with a cloth napkin; we still use a rag to clean up her hands and face after mealtime and snack time, but Daphne likes to wipe her hands and face with a cloth napkin (all by herself).

Blowing her nose is one of Daphne’s favorite things to do (and she is actually pretty good at it)! She will walk over to the linen closet or find a Kleenex in my diaper bag, then blow her nose, and throw the Kleenex away. And if she sees anyone else blowing his or her nose (especially me), she insists on having a Kleenex as well. The funny thing is, she still very much dislikes having her nose wiped, though Boogie wipes seem to be gentler on her face.

Daphne enjoys playing peekaboo and will do so with almost anyone she sees. She will either put her hands over her eyes and play, or use a blanket or toy, or even just move her head or body out of sight and then pop back! And when she reveals herself, she says BOO!

As I mentioned above, Daphne likes to throw things away in the trash or the recycling. She knows exactly where the bins are and will head towards the kitchen if she finds a piece of trash (or finishes blowing her nose). She is still really good with simple commands.

Last month I talked about how Daphne wants to always be included in everything (being the true younger sibling that she is) and says “ME ME ME!” if she wants to be included in something or sees something she wants to do. (And the reason I capitalized those words is because she YELLS!)

Daphne, in the past few months, has started refusing to wear her bib (we LOVED this one) and would start a meal with it on, but pull it off halfway thru. And at this point, I don’t even bother putting it on unless we are eating something that is super messy. She’s surprisingly clean when she eats these days, though I tend to feed the kids food that isn’t going to get everywhere. That said, thank goodness for Oxiclean stain remover! In addition, we have really been pulling her Tripp Trapp chair right up to the table (without the tray) so that she can eat at the table with everyone else. She likes to say she is all done about half-way thru her meal (when she is clearly not done and still putting food in her mouth) because she wants out of her chair to either walk around (and eat, grrr, this is the worst) or sit in someone’s lap. But I have found that if she is in her chair without the tray that she tends to sit longer at the table. We still use the tray for some snack time as well as the start of breakfast (when I am still in the kitchen cooking and feeding the kids as things are ready to eat). And in relation to food, Daphne is eating much less these days. She used to eat anything and everything she saw, but now, not so much. She is still a great eater, just not crazy like she was before!

Daphne is solidly in 2T clothes and I won’t buy anything smaller because it just won’t fit! She needs the length of 2T to cover her belly, though sleeves and pant legs are still slightly long. And when it comes to jammies, I have been buying the girls 2 or 3 sets from Hanna Andersson to wear regularly (matching, of course, as Eloise insists) and have been sizing up to size 90 (or size 3) in those; we have to cuff the pants but there is no point in spending that much on jammies that she’ll grow out of so quickly!

Daphne’s hair is getting so long these days, and when it’s wet, its down by her shoulder blades. It’s still a bit of a mullet, so I am letting it grow a bit before we think about a first haircut (sob). Her bangs are super long though and always straight down in her face; I try to keep it back in a little pony tail or clip it back in a barrette though so she can see! Daphne likes to take the bows or barrettes out of her hair and then try to stick them back on her head. The ends of her hair also have the slightest bit of wave which is a big difference of Eloise’s straight (like her mama’s) hair.

I have been attempting to make a (laundry) list of Daphne’s words these days and this is a pretty good list: bye bye, doggie, ball, bubble, airplane, UP, uh oh, book, sissy (or sister), mama, papa, mimi, nana, baby, cheese, boo, bar (like a Larabar), Roomba.

She frequently points and grunts to communicate when she doesn’t have a word for what she wants. And she is extremely insistent when she wants something and you either don’t give it to her (or let her do it) or don’t understand; she just increase her volume and starts waving her pointed finger around! Daphne also signs a bit: more, please, water, all done, and milk.

{weight} 29 pounds.
{hair} blackish brown.
{teeth} four bottom teeth, top four teeth, four molars, canines still cutting.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} 18 months, 2T.
{diapers} size 5 {from the honest company}.
{feeding} 2 oz sippy cups of milk at breakfast, lunchtime, and at dinner, and water throughout the day.

{likes} Albert the Alligator, an old remote that she holds up to her ear like a phone, watching and chasing the Roomba, picking her nose, eating, bath time with Eloise, watching big kids or babies,  chewing on anything, sitting in her highchair, banging on her tray, staring at her quilt (from Amanda), rattles, nursing, riding in the car (usually), her big sister Eloise, Sadie, singing, lights, paci, being bounced, being tickled, talking, her Lovie.
{dislikes} having a hat on in the car seat, seeing some type of food on a plate that she doesn’t have on her tray, having gas, lying down flat, being hungry or tired, having her face or nose wiped off, sunscreen put on her face.

{nicknames} Daph, Daph Daph, Daphers, Bug, Snorty, Baby D, Daphne Doo, Daph-a-doo, Love, Lovebug.

And here is Eloise’s eighteen month update!

Happy eighteen months Daphne girl!


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