my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise turned FOUR on Friday and asked if we could go to the Zoo to celebrate.}


{We headed to the Northwest Loop exhibits which we haven’t been to in years and the girls loved the inside bear exhibit.}


{Eloise seems so big all of the sudden.}


{And Daphne. Gah. Such a sweet little one.}


{And that’s the face of a little girl who stole half of mama’s lunch!}


{The kids were all really excited for the carousel horse that was outside of the merry-go-round.}


{And then Daphne went on her first carousel ride with Amanda and her kids! She is such a brave little girl.}


{Eloise doesn’t really like the merry-go-round but she doesn’t mind watching it from the outside. So we waved every time everyone else spun by!}


{But she did like the horse that didn’t move round and round!}


{I mentioned some big things happening with The Petite Flag Shop a few weeks ago (or last week?) and it came to fruition on this weekend. June & January, a kids clothing brand I have been a fan of since day one – see Eloise’s first picture in a J&J hat!, held a sample sale in Seattle on Saturday and offered a “swag bag” for VIP ticket holders that was filled with goodies from small and large shops. I was incredibly excited to be included in the swag bag line-up and created a special, custom flag for the J&J team. It was a zillion hours of hard work – 50 mini flags! – but it was SUPER exciting to see something I made and worked so hard on be included in something like this!}


{After her birthday dinner, Eloise and I snuck over to Molly Moon’s while Aaron hung with Daphne at the U Village playground to get some celebratory birthday ice cream cones.}


{My friend Cat and I hit up the June and January sample sale early Saturday morning! Eek, it was so crazy that my flag was included in that canvas bag and that 50 shoppers got a mini flag from the Shop!}


{And since we were already downtown, we hit up Pike Place Market for coffee, donuts, and fresh flowers, of course!}


{And then we hit the birthday party circuit, starting with one party in the morning and one in the afternoon. Daphne LOVED playing outside and is particularly fond of the cars, bikes, and scooters. She also insists on wearing this straw fedora any time we go outside. Daph, those cheeks!}


{And then this morning we hosted Eloise’s popsicle birthday party! We had a house full of friends this morning and there is really nothing better. Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate Eloise with us this weekend! Our friend Jess took pictures of the party and as soon as I get a chance, I will share them in a birthday party post.}


{It was just too nice (but not too hot!) to hang out inside after nap time this afternoon, so we loaded the girls into the wagon and headed down to Greenlake. Eloise got this soccer goal and a soccer ball as a gift and was excited to bring it to the park. And just before I snapped this picture, Eloise made her first goal! Hence the clapping.}


{Eloise also insisted on bringing her new purse. One of her friends has a matching one and Eloise was really excited to bring her essentials on our walk, which included a folding hairbrush and sunglasses.}

{After dinner we headed around the block on a bike ride. The girls have been asking to take their bikes out for the past few days.}

We had such a great weekend celebrating Eloise’s FOURTH birthday (along with her friends too!) and spending time with close friends. I am in total disbelief though that we are nearing the middle of August and summer will be over in just a few short weeks.

How was your weekend?


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