my weekend in pictures.


{All afternoon on Friday Eloise waited for Mimi and Paga to come… it was so sweet!}


{Crafting with Paga.}


{Eloise finally (FINALLY) agreed to a haircut if Mimi came and held her hand. She wasn’t sure at all though and ended up sitting on my lap. Once we got started though, she was great and even let the stylist braid her hair!}


{And lunch at Din Thai Fung. So, so delicious.}


{Selfie with Mama and Eloise!}


{Eloise LOVES the noodles. And is way too cool for a fork.}


{Daphne was happy with a plastic spoon.}


{Since Eloise did such a great job with her haircut, we celebrated with Molly Moon’s. She insisted on a cone and I worried it would fall the entire time she ate it!}


{Last week our neighbor’s super tall tree (like 100 feet!) split from the heat and part of it fell. So, they started taking it down. We watched all last weekend and most of Saturday afternoon. It was amazing!}


{Painting is a must when Grammie is around. And Eloise is delighted!}


{Reading a new book with Paga.}


{Visiting the Chihuly exhibit this morning. I promise Eloise had way more fun than her facial expression!}


{Love these two!}


{Aaron and I slipped out for a date night this evening and enjoyed a kid-free trip to U Village! First course was ramen, second course was a fried chicken sammie, and dessert at Molly Moon’s. I definitely regretted wearing my super skinny jeans tonight because my belly was so full!}

Mimi and Paga (my parents) were in town this weekend, so it was pretty much a great time seeing as they are two of Eloise’s favorite (favorite, favorite) people. The weather also feels like FALL! I am not ready for the rain yet, but ready for the cool, crisp weather.

How was your weekend?


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