my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise was super into Instagram stories and making funny faces!}


{After the kids go to bed, it’s mocha ice cream time!}


{On Saturday afternoon, Daphne and I went to celebrate our good friend Sami and Baby Sweeney! Also, those pink champagne macrons were AMAZING!}


{Showering Baby Sweeney. Can you spot me and Baby D?}


{My favorite set of sisters!}


{Jump! And she picked out that outfit all by herself.}


{Helping Papa mow the lawn.}


{Even in the Primaries, it’s important to vote! Make it count!}


{Despite a bit of inconvenience, we started doing online grocery shopping and curb-side pick-up since Amazon Fresh’s packaging is getting out of control (so. many. ice packs.)!}

We had a bit of a weird weekend because Eloise was sick with a fever almost all day on Friday (and I had Aaron come home because I thought we would be headed to Urgent Care for sure) but then was completely normal on Saturday, just to be sick again early this morning! Fingers crossed we are thru it.

How was your weekend?


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