my weekend in pictures.


{Seriously, stop.}


{Eloise has a puzzle obsession. She started doing this bigger puzzle in sections and it’s amazing how fast she can get it back together!}


{Paga (my dad) came into town for the weekend! And Eloise was delighted to have someone to build towers with while Mama nursed Daphne.}


{Milk drunk.}


{Aaron and my dad were able to hack this easel (finally) and add an extra rod to hold the other end of the paper (which used to just lie on the floor). Thanks guys!}


{If you want Din Thai Fung for dinner on a Saturday night, you order over the phone and pick it up. There were seriously 50 people waiting outside for a table reservation when I went to pick up our food!}


{Eloise was attempting to use the Solly wrap with her baby Stella. “A” for effort kiddo!}


{Aaron and Eloise planted our raised bed this afternoon and Eloise was pretty excited about all of those seeds.}


{Post-barre cuddles. I am taking next week off and then starting the Summer Challenge on Mother’s Day! Four classes a week for six weeks… it’s going to be brutal!}

What a quick weekend (but aren’t they all?)! My dad flew into town on Friday afternoon and was here for the weekend which was so fun. If you don’t remember, he was here for a week at the end of February, but ended up having to leave on February 28th… about 5 hours before I went into labor. So, he got to meet Daphne for the first time!

We didn’t have a lot planned, but Aaron and Dad still found some projects to do and managed to keep Eloise busy as well. I would have liked a bit more sun but the cool and cloudy was a good excuse to just stay in and lay low.

We drop off Paga at the train for his flight tomorrow morning and then have to get packed up for a trip to the Midwest this week! Wish us luck flying with both kids… eek!

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. I didn’t realize that happened with your dad. The same thing happened with my dad and Crosby. He flew out on the 26th and I went into labor that night. So glad your dad was able to come back so quickly! xoxo

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