my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise LOVES playing and reading in the nursery. And here’s a sneak peek!}


{Valentine’s Day cards for Eloise’s school friends. This is the BEST! She loved picking out the stickers for her friends.}


{After a PEPS play date on Saturday morning, we stopped by our local bookstore to sell some used books. Eloise was in heaven in the kids’ section! A girl after my own heart. If I could, I would buy her every single book in that store!}


{Thanks to June & January for sending the sweetest baby hat! If you are looking for simple, but super cute clothes for babies and kids, go check it out!}


{An obligatory belly shot in the nursery. Pants, especially jeans, are the worst this past week or so. Just super uncomfortable. But I am mostly pretty good in these chambray joggers from the Gap – elastic waist and they feel like jammies! I can’t get myself to wear leggings outside the house or working out – leggings aren’t pants, IMHO! – so I will definitely be picking up some more joggers for early post-partum outings!}


{Aaron was so sweet and took Eloise to the grocery store this morning so I didn’t have to make the trip on Tuesday (our usual shopping day) since it’s my birthday this week! I added flowers to the list since I have been obsessed with these tulips recently, and he brought me home the sweetest bouquet!}


{Headed to a quick barre class and it was SO sunny that I had to dig out my sunnies! Look at that blue sky.}


{It has been so amazing being able to continue to do Pure Barre thru-out both of my pregnancies. I know that it has kept me strong both during and after baby. Plus, Sami is the BEST! If you are in Seattle, go let her kick your butt!}


{We were so excited to attend a celebration for Baby Steiner this evening! Hailey (middle) is due just one day before me, and Jess is due in April, so not too much longer! There are going to be so many babies! It was so fun to catch up with everyone and wear stripes  – haha! And thanks for the photo Jess!}


{Amanda was so sweet and made Eloise this cape for Christmas and a special “big sister” bag for Valentine’s Day! I think I caught Eloise mid-sass!}

This weekend felt like it flew by, but it was so, so pretty this afternoon that I am mostly okay with it. 50 degrees and the sun was out – magical I tell you! Seattle, could you make every day between now and summer like this, with any and all rain showers or clouds limited to overnight?

We got a few last-minute things done that were sort of lingering, and I am feeling really good going into this week. It’s a super special week with a deep cleaning of our house, a mani/pedi for Mama, birthday and Valentine’s Day celebrations – hooray! So much to look forward to!

How was your weekend?


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