my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise and I met our PEPS friends at open gym on Friday morning, and Eloise had so much fun! I was worried that she might just hold my hand and be shy (which she often does in new situations) but she was eager to climb and jump on everything!}


{I finally found a globe to paint as a project for Baby Foot’s nursery. I am hoping to get it done this week!}


{We were at U Village for dinner on Friday, so a trip to Molly Moon’s was a must. I really wanted to try a milkshake (since I just discovered that was an offering!) but since the store is undergoing some construction, there is the ice cream truck instead… so, no milkshake. But, I did get a pint which mostly hit the spot!}


{We spent a lot of Saturday trying to go thru boxes and organize our office/guest room. Eloise had a lot of fun helping us go thru all of the things and also wearing her art smock!}


{Eloise has been doing so much imaginative play lately, and one of the big things is that the bottom third of our stairs is her “airplane.” She brings out all of her books and stuffed animals from her room and everyone goes on a flight. It is the cutest.}


{We headed to the Seattle Children’s Museum this morning and had a blast! Eloise and I had to take a selfie on the “train.”}


{All aboard!}


{Eloise also really liked the Metro bus.}


{And the fire truck! It was so fun to be at the museum this morning since it was one that I went to as a kid whenever we visited my late grandmother – such memories!}


{Post-nap (well, the nap that never happened…) we headed to a friend’s house for the Super Bowl. It was a little scary walking into a “Pat’s Nation” party, but everything turned out pretty well. I wanted to see the Falcons win, but at least it was a decent game (except for OT – why can’t the NFL play college OT rules? Such a bummer that the Falcons didn’t even get a chance in OT).}


{Eloise got a balloon from the party and she was in heaven. It was cold and rainy all day, so she was happy in her rain boots and rain jacket. When did she get so big?}

This weekend went so fast! Probably because I had a huge to-do list (poor Aaron!) that we actually got almost all the way thru. I am determined to get all of the things done before this baby comes, so it is no down-time around the Lower house these days! But, we had some fun seeing friends and having family time too.

How was your weekend?


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