my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise and I crafted on Friday afternoon and I am planning on sharing this week for Pinterest Christmas!}


{Our own Cindy-Lou Who! Eloise’s hair is getting so, so long, and I thought maybe we could get it cut (the first one!) later this month, but when I asked her about it the other day she said “no thanks.”}


{Aaron has been working so, so hard on this fireplace project – did I ever share that he is building a fireplace in our living room? – and he promised to get it done in time for Christmas. So we spent a lot of the weekend priming and painting so that I can decorate my new mantle!}


{We brunched with the Andersons this morning at an old favorite, Portage Bay Café, and Eloise has gotten pretty good at using a fork. Even though the restaurant was a little crazy busy, it was great to catch up with friends!}


{And Eloise was being super silly this afternoon… she has a pretty good sense of humor these days!}

Sorry for the lack of exciting pictures. After the excitement of the snow on Friday, it was pretty rainy and yucky outside which wasn’t very inspiring. We laid pretty low and got some things done around the house – good for us but didn’t make for great photo opportunities! I absolutely cannot believe that we are two weeks away from Christmas – I have so much left to do!

How was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. I have to side with Eloise on the hair cut. Her hair is so beautiful and I can just picture her with long beautiful hair down her back almost to her waist!

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