my weekend in pictures.


{Yes! Red holiday Starbucks cup. Completely made my day!}


{I started making a quilt for Eloise’s big kid bed. And I am not really quilting, but pretty excited about the project.}


{Eloise has been super into her pizza and sorting all of the ingredients into shapes. “Same same Mama” is what she always says!}


{Thanks to Aaron who peeled and sliced all of the apples that went into my apple pie this weekend!}


{Happy Friendsgiving! For the third year we got together with local friends for a super fun tradition. (see last year’s here) It was tough to see our Huskies lose to USC, but we had so much fun catching up with old & new friends. Thanks for hosting this year Jess and Cale!}


{We had a pretty rainy weekend, so no yardwork meant that Aaron started on another project for the house. Really excited about this one! I promise I will share once everything is wrapped up.}

After having a really nice and beautiful week, we had lots of rain this weekend which was sort of a bummer. But, we filled our weekend with lots of friends – PEPS and Friendsgiving – so it worked out pretty well. I am shocked that we are already into the middle of November and feel like I have a million things on my to-do list that I felt like I had ages to do… I guess that’s the holidays, right?

How was your weekend?


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