my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise got a pair of black booties on Friday and wanted to put them right next to mine. Tell me this phase of “be just like Mama” will last forever!}


{Eloise and I ended up at a new (to us) neighborhood playground on Friday afternoon and she loved the slide!}


{We got a fun care package from a good friend & Aaron was pretty excited about it! We can’t get Red Gold products out West!}


{Eloise and I went to a fun crafting event at Land of Nod on Saturday morning. She made the cutest bat headband (which she wore all day!) and we were able to stay out of the rain!}


{Seriously. How cute is my bat-pumpkin?}


{And hey, we made it onto the Land of Nod Instagram feed! And, as a sidenote, I should probably retire that shirt until after this baby is born!}


{We give Eloise elderberry syrup whenever she is congested or has a runny nose (so a lot during the fall and winter) and it works wonders! But I was tired of spending so much on it, so I made some and it smelled so delicious!}


{Go Huskies! It was a tough game, but we are so, so proud of those boys!}


{Our annual family pumpkin carving party, and the first one that Eloise remembers. She didn’t love cleaning out the pumpkins but loved to see all of the faces Papa carved.}


{And Eloise was so, so excited when she saw the pumpkins all lit up!}


{If Papa is up in the attic, Eloise is right there at the bottom of the ladder waiting for him.}


{So many leaves… and Aaron just cleaned up the entire yard last weekend too! But he raked some up into a big pile and Eloise had so much fun!}


{And, the Cubs win! Excited to see them keep the Series alive!}

What a great weekend! We had the most magnificent fall weather, ever, on Friday which made the rainy weather on both Saturday and Sunday much easier to stomach. We partook in lots of Halloween festivities and Eloise has been in heaven. She is so excited for the big holiday tomorrow – a costume and tea party at school, the neighborhood Halloween parade, and trick-or-treating!

How was your weekend?


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