my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise has figured out how much fun it is to go outside and close the back door and then make faces!}


{Eloise is loving spending time in the backyard these days. And her new thing is to walk with her hands behind her back.}


{We went to the Zoo with some friends on Friday afternoon because it was so, so beautiful outside! Eloise is at such a great age now for the Zoo because she can see the animals, say their names, and sometimes what sound they make.}


{Playing at the Greenlake playground while we waited for Aaron to finish up a workout after work on Friday.}


{Warm weather means it’s grilling season & Eloise just wanted to help her Papa!}


{In case you missed it on Instagram, Eloise & I have matching Salt Water Sandals. This is why we have kids, right, so we can match them until they have a say in what they wear?}


{We leave for a family vacation to Maui in a few weeks & I am prepping. Any tips from anyone who has been recently? Or tips for flying or beach time with a toddler?}


{I made Aaron play many, many games of Bohnanza this weekend. He may or may not have liked it.}


{Aaron was working on putting pavers around our driveway this afternoon and as soon as Eloise was up from her (very short) nap she wanted to see what she was up to. But first she had to have sun protection (says Mama) and her backpack (says Eloise).}


{After a quick shower with her Papa from being so dirty (she sorted rocks for us!) I put these overalls on her. They are Aaron’s from when he was little and I am pretty sure all of his siblings wore them! She still has lots of room to grow into them and I can’t wait for her to wear them all spring and summer! Also, she is such a ham. This is the face she made when I said “Eloise, say Cheese!”}


{Eloise and I ran out to Fred Meyer this afternoon to pick up some plants for a few of our flower beds (that are still empty). Holy decision-making. I haven’t ever really picked out plants for our yard before and I had no idea what I was doing. But, I do know about sun and shade in our yard, so I went with that. Here are some hostas and impatiens in front of our window. I think I need to add some in front of Eloise’s window too.}


{And here are a few plants for in front of the house, fresh with new compost mulch thanks to Aaron! Plus, I spent all afternoon weeding that flower bed. I think maybe I need a few more plants for this bed?}

As you can see, it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend (one for the record books!) and we enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t remember a weekend where we have spent so much time outside, and it was glorious. On Friday after work, we spent the evening at Greenlake. On Saturday morning Eloise spent time with her Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah, and Aaron and I re-arranged the office (to make room for the new Shop!), and then we spent the rest of the day outside in the yard (Aaron mowed and seeded, and I weeded). And then this morning we took a family walk to a friend’s house, and then spent the rest of the day outside back in the yard (Aaron worked on the pavers around the driveway and edging the grass, and I weeded and planted). Even though it has been so much work since last spring, the yard is finally feeling like it is looking good and is a space we are enjoying! Plus, the sun in Seattle is like no where else. Hooray for spring!

How was your weekend?


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