my {Easter} weekend in pictures.


{In lieu of Easter baskets for collecting eggs, I made Jaz and Eloise these little bags. Well, I lettered the bags but I didn’t sew them!}


{After Eloise and I went to brunch on Saturday morning – at a favorite Portage Bay Café! – Eloise thought moving rocks into the bucket with Papa was super fun!}


{Getting supplies at Lowe’s for some springtime projects in the yard! And hoping for some dry weather on the weekends so we can actually get some outside stuff done.}


{Eloise was enjoying these gel window clings that the Easter bunny brought her this morning. And Mama enjoyed them because it bought me some un-interrupted time to unload the dishwasher & prep brunch!}


{Our Easter table. We had a few friends come over and join us for brunch this morning and it was so, so fun. Let’s brunch every weekend!}


{And I made a cake, surprise surprise. It was this speckled malt cake and while it was a little dense, it was pretty tasty!}


{Eloise on her first Easter egg hunt. I was going to take a video, but honestly, she wasn’t super into it. Once she got one egg and put it in the bag, it took her a while to get into finding another egg. Maybe next year we should go to a big egg hunt to get her in the spirit?}


{When we have company, at least one game of Catan is played. And this afternoon it was two!}


{After Eloise woke up from her nap – and we were still playing Catan – she joined Jaz up on the chair to watch the game. It was so sweet and the girls were so good while the adults played!}


{After dinner we ventured out for a walk around the neighborhood before bedtime. Eloise had so much fun and did not want to come home. She walked right past the house and said “No no no” when I told her she had to come home, and then I chased her down the sidewalk. #toddlers And that is my hat since Eloise has outgrown all of her own hats!}


{Happy Easter from the Lowers!}

We had a fun weekend with lots of friends and so much sunshine on Saturday it made me giddy. Not so much on Easter though and our outside Easter egg hunt was rained out. Bummer. We got a few things done around the house, though we have a laundry list of things to do in the coming weekends that it seems never-ending! I feel like spring is always like that. This morning we had a really fun Easter brunch with good friends and it was great to just be at home and catch up! Plus, Aaron made a super yummy frittata. It really feels like spring is here as we head into the last few days of March, right? Oh, and a big Happy Birthday shout-out to my Mama today!

How was your weekend?


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