my {new year’s} week in pictures.


{my parents & sister drove into town to celebrate a late Christmas, & Eloise wanted to open presents immediately!}


{Loved this #bestnine posts for Instagram – obviously I post a lot of pictures of Eloise…}


{Eloise & Grammie coloring while we waited for lunch. She is just at the age where crayons are more fun to color with than to eat!}


{Eloise & Grammie doing yoga. Cutest thing ever.}


{The only picture I got on New Year’s Eve was the cupcakes, ha! We were so lucky this year to celebrate at our friend Jerry’s who has the absolute best views of the city, including the fireworks off the Space Needle at midnight!}


{Aaron & I got away for a day date, & headed to work on some projects. We wood-filled, sanded, & primed an old cabinet for our bathroom that Aaron has been restoring, & a learning tower stool for Eloise that my dad & Aaron built this week.}

{Eloise had the BEST time spinning in our chair with Grammie! Her laugh makes my day.}


{After playing in San Antonio, we have been waiting for people to visit that would play Catan with us! Thankfully my family didn’t mind playing a few games while they were here.}


{Aaron & I finally watched Inside Out last night. It was SO good, but I cried. A lot. Go watch it if you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed!}


{Today Eloise ripped apart all of her quesadilla to find & eat the turkey. #toddlershenanigans}

We had such a great week with my family in town! There was a little bit of Christmas celebration & a little bit of New Year’s – it was so wonderful! Eloise loved having Grammie, Grandpa, & Aunt Yay around to play & for cuddles. We also watched SO much football! Most of the games weren’t very interesting (blowouts!) but there were some good ones (like watching TCU take down Oregon in triple overtime!).

This weekend was a bit of a doozy (which is why there are almost no pictures) since I came down with food poisoning on Friday night! Luckily none of my family got it as they were traveling on Saturday, but I was out of commission until this afternoon. Thank goodness for Aaron being home so he could watch Eloise & I could just sleep!

How was your New Year’s weekend?


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