my {long Christmas} weekend in pictures.


{Our little elf loved wearing her Santa hat around & also discovered the jingle bell on our Christmas tree! I would like her to wear these Hanna Andersson Christmas jammies for every Christmas!}


{Aunt Cari – Aaron’s sister – sent Eloise this doll whose name is Misha! She came with a finger puppet that Eloise loved.}


{Look what Santa brought Eloise for Christmas this year! I will be sure to share more details of this Ikea hack soon since a lot of people have already been asking.}


{I think the kitchen was a hit! I was a little nervous she might be too young for it, but she loves to play with it now & she can grow into it too.}


{Aaron made Christmas pancakes for Christmas breakfast – a new Lower family tradition!}


{We went to a Christmas brunch & Eloise charmed everyone there.}


{Even though it was just the three of us at Christmas dinner this year, I couldn’t help but decorate the table!}


{We watched the Huskies win their bowl game in Dallas. Go Dawgs! I will be so thankful next season when the quarterback is a sophomore so I don’t have to hear the commentators say “true freshman” one more time!}


{Uncle Ben & Aunt Sarah joined us for dinner the day after Christmas to continue the celebrations. There were lots of shenanigans happening!}


{& once Eloise was asleep, we had to play a few rounds of Fibbage & Drawful which are pretty much a requirement if you come over for dinner at our house!}


{Aaron was showing Eloise a magic trick. Now you see it, now you don’t! She LOVES it!}


{Apparently Eloise got tired of sitting on the floor & reading books because she pulled her little chair over to her book stash & started reading!}


{Eloise’s Nana sent this ornament handprint kit & we were able to sneak it in before bed tonight. It isn’t the best handprint ever, but it still captured that little hand & we will cherish it every Christmas!}

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, if you prefer)! It was lovely to have Christmas be at the end of the week this year so that the entire long weekend felt like Christmas! We had such a wonderful time celebrating with Eloise, & creating our own holiday traditions for just our little family. Thank goodness for FaceTime so that we could catch up with family all over the country. My family is headed into town & will be spending the next week with us, so it still feels like Christmas at the Lower house, & I intend on leaving the decorations up until the New Year!

How was your long, holiday weekend?


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