my weekend in pictures. 


{delivering our holiday cards to the neighbors in matching snowman hats! thanks aunt Kelly!}

{finishing up addressing our annual family cards. phew!}


{hanging up lights on the tree and decorating the house while E was at day care on Friday!}


{I love the tradition of giving Eloise a new ornament each Christmas. This one from Anthro is hers for this year!}


{Christmas Joe-Joes? The best!}


{she loves reading with her Papa!}


{finally getting these cards in the mail!}


{we needed new lights for the house… so many decisions to make!}


{this represents a lot of our weekend: watching football and enjoying the Christmas tree!}


{we had SO much rain this weekend, so soup was perfect!}


{Aaron got some of our outside lights up in between showers this afternoon. I can’t wait to see all of the lights up!}


{this adorable Santa hat that my sister-in-law made for E last year still fits! Eloise will be donning it and that snowman hat all month long!}

A super soggy weekend kept us inside but gave me a chance to get up all of our Christmas decorations. Eloise shares my love for a decorated house and I wish it was this festive all year long! And we are finally all over our terrible colds we had over Thanksgiving – wahoo! It is finally feeling like Christmas but crazy that it is already December?!

How was your weekend?


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