my weekend in pictures.


{eloise discovered how fun her bathroom floor is to crawl on.}


{sadie’s favorite thing these days is eloise’s high chair. food magically appears under it!}


{we had such a fun play date with the sadliers on friday morning. eloise & elliott are just a few weeks apart so it is fun to see them together!}


{needed an afternoon pick-me-up after a busy friday afternoon running errands.}


{eloise had some major bedhead on saturday morning!}


{eloise & I headed out to her swim lesson on saturday morning, & were only a few minutes late! she was rocking her watermelon swim diaper & stripey rashguard – so, so cute!}


{this is how you get ready when you have a nine-month-old crawling around at your feet.}


{we celebrated with patsy, the beautiful mama-to-be on saturday afternoon!}


{I have started giving eloise kitchen utensils to play with while I prep her dinner. thanks for the tip about the silicone pastry brush amanda!}


{I got new cloth napkins (& that gorgeous glassybaby} as part of my mother’s day gift this year & picked up some placemats to match the springy theme.}


{eloise has discovered how fun it is to play peek-a-boo with the foldable laundry basket. she was all giggles this weekend.}


{spent my saturday night catching up on blogs & sipping hot chocolate in bed after eloise went down. & then I went to sleep at 9:30. it was glorious!}


{I think sadie got the memo that aaron was coming home this afternoon. she waited all day on her stool looking out the window.}


{that grin!}


{eloise & I were flipping thru her picture book, & she was pointing & smiling at the faces (of her, me, & aaron), & her toys. it was really cool!}

aaron was out of town {celebrating cale’s bachelorhood} in vegas this weekend, so eloise & I were flying solo. we had lots of plans & it felt like we were on the go all weekend. it was great to see so many people & get a surprising amount of things done despite the complete lack of photos. but you just really want to see pictures of eloise, right? we are glad to have papa back in town & gearing up for a new week. how was your weekend?


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