eloise {week 34}


{jumper & bloomers: babyGap // tights: babyGap // bow: Lululuvs // moccasins: Freshly Picked // bunny: JellyCat (similar)}

{week 34} this week has been busy as eloise is pretty much on the move! up until last week she has rolled to get anywhere she has needed to go, & still does but has know also started army crawling. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she has also learned to get from sitting to her tummy (gracefully). she is figuring out what her arm strength is & boy is she a quick learner! we have “baby-proofed” the house via the outlets (either plugs or new face plates) but will probably need to be mounting the TV and (maybe) putting up a gate on the stairs sooner rather than later (among other things!). we are trying not to go crazy baby-proofing everything right away since some things won’t need it. we obviously don’t want to wait for an accident, but some things seem a little overboard.

eloise has also been teething these past weeks which has resulted (I think) in her middle-of-the-night wake-ups last week. those have finally stopped (knock on wood!) & she has been sleeping really well. just yesterday morning I noticed that you can see the white little bud of her left front tooth popping thru. those three teeth (the two front & the right incisor) have been trying to come thru for weeks now! when eloise first got her two bottom teeth, it was really hard to see them since she would stick out her tongue if you tried to open her mouth. now she proudly shows those little pearly whites off with her grins & smiles. the top teeth are harder to see since her lip is in the way (obviously). it is so crazy to think that our little one is already getting teeth!

I almost hate to bring it up because it is going so well, but sleep (particularly napping) is really going well. eloise still naps three times a day & starts showing signs of sleepiness like clockwork (eye rubbing & yawning) even if she is playing & seemed wide awake just a second ago. lately when I have put her down in her crib to zip her into her sleep sack before story time, she will grab her lovie & her pacifier. I could probably just turn on on her white noise & turn off the light at that point, but she LOVES books & I enjoy the cuddle time.

happy 34 weeks eloise!


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