eloise {week 33}


{chambray: babyGap (similar) // leggings: Target // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 33} this picture is such a good representation of eloise lately – she is always babbling & talking, & she is curious about everything. the chat bubble (no surprise) ended up in her mouth during this photoshoot which I thought was funny since it’s, well, a chat bubble.

this kiddo is constantly on the move, whether it is her foot tapping, her arm waving, backwards scooting on her tummy, rolling everywhere & anywhere, or pulling up on things (like the arms of her nursery glider to see over the edge). eloise isn’t quite doing the rocking on her hands & knees yet, but is definitely making a move towards army crawling. if she wants something, she will reach towards it, but hasn’t get made the move forward if she is on her belly & something is just out of reach. she will, however, push herself backwards if she is on the hardwood floors until she gets to where she wants or gets stuck.

sleeping has been a little challenging this past week since we think she is getting three (yes, THREE!) top teeth, including her two front ones. her little gums are swollen & you can see the outline of those little chompers just waiting to break thru. naps have been pretty consistent & she is taking at least one, if not two, really solid naps every day, but nighttime sleep is another story. she is still going down well after her bedtime routine (which now includes a bath since dinner is always such a mess!), but she is really fussy between 1 AM and 4 AM. so just enough time for me to get a few hours in before I am up with her 4 to 5 times & then she will go to sleep for a bit just before she wakes up to eat between 4:30ish & 6 AM. she doesn’t seem to be able to do more than about a 3 hour stretch of sleep these days. poor kiddo. her fussiness is different though than it has been in the past since she will cry & fuss but she won’t be awake. sometimes you can go in & she will take a pacifier & continue to sleep peacefully, but a lot of the time she will just continue to cry or even yell a bit. she doesn’t seem really upset though while she is sleeping & the other night she woke up after a crying-while-sleeping fit & was super smiley & happy when she saw me standing over her crib. so weird. I am hoping this is just a phase & she will move onto better sleep really soon!

solids & eating are going well still, & eloise expects two meals a day (lunch & dinner). I am still offering a mixture of hand-held solids (BLW) & purees which seems to be perfect for her. eloise also learned how to drink out of a straw this week & I have been offering water in a (straw) sippy cup after each meal. it was a little tricky to get her to understand the concept of a straw, but this article was super helpful & lays out really good steps. eloise has a cup that has both a sippy cup top & a straw top, but we found the sippy cup top to be really difficult for her since you basically have to turn the cup completely upside-down in order to get water out. some time soon we will tackle that, but for now the straw works wonderfully. eloise also is learning & perfecting her pincher grasp. I introduced ground turkey last week & she was able to pick up a piece that was on her tray & eat it – it was pretty impressive! sadie has also discovered pretty quickly that if eloise is in her highchair, she should be close by because food will magically start appearing on the floor. I believe this is the start of a beautiful & lasting friendship!

happy 33 weeks eloise!


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