my weekend in pictures.


{seriously? can she get any cuter?}


{we spent a lot of time at children’s hospital on saturday afternoon for a car seat check – we are transitioning into a convertible car seat soon – & eloise learned about the front seat. in other news, we also introduced almond butter (with banana) while we waited since it was lunchtime & we were at the hospital in case there were any serious issues with nut allergies (luckily there weren’t!).}


{playing on sunday morning. all of the things come out of the basket.}


{having a giggle sesh with papa – so fun!}


{a sneak preview of an awesome DIY that I hope to share this week. such a long time in the making & so excited to have this one done!}


{another fun addition that has been a long time coming to the house – window treatments for our master bedroom window! I am hoping to include this in a house tour soon.}

we had a super low-key weekend with almost no plans (that seems to be the theme recently) & it was wonderful. we got a lot of things done around the house which is my favorite. it is definitely feeling like spring in the PNW with the rainy days & bulbs in bloom, but I am still in complete disbelief that it is the end of march… really, the entire first quarter of 2015 gone just like that! how was your weekend?


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