my weekend in pictures.


{eloise rockin’ some tummy time!}


{LOVE the women’s lounge at the university village shopping center near our house. yep, those are nursing chairs. & there is a full changing table. it is awesome!}


{we were hoarding over 700 pennies in our coin jar. I finally cashed all of the coins in for an amazon gift card. thanks coinstar!}


{I finally got eloise a bouncing seat & she is mesmerized by those little birds!}


{friday night fun: repairing sadie’s toys.}


{eloise’s new favorite toy.}


{snuggles with papa!}


{normally I don’t take bathroom selfies, but I couldn’t resist capturing that squishy face!}


{if eloise & I are in the nursery, sadie is right there too.}


{so many buttons! this outfit made it thru just one diaper change… not a big surprise!}


{a quick trip to trader joe’s with the baby was successful!}


{oh how our coffee table décor has changed…}


{I found some time to get a little crafty this afternoon & get up a simple give thanks  banner. thanksgiving decorations – check!}


{oh that face.}

aaron had a busy week at work so low—key was in order. we had a relaxing weekend just laying low at the house & getting some work done – mostly still trying to organize everything that doesn’t have a permanent home yet. the progress feels good & we are making progress!! I am having trouble believing that it is already a week into november, though the weather certainly feels like fall. I am sort of loving the vest & boot weather & am excited to see that we won’t be so soggy in the coming week. how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Oh my goodness. That sweet little face! What her Papaw and I would give to just have her with us for a few hours! I would love to just watch her play with her hands and her toys and listen to her coo. Play with her and talk to her. Be able to see her facial expressions and how she is growing! Pictures and skype are just not the same as seeing them in person! She is just precious and you can tell by how happy and contented she is that you guys are doing a great job. Love to all.

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