eloise {newborn photos}

as you may have seen in the facebook post here, we had melissa {who also did our maternity photos} do a newborn shoot for eloise. she was 10 days old & looks so teeny tiny!


even though I had worked with melissa to get this photoshoot set up before e was born {we couldn’t finalize the shoot date until she was born… obviously} I was really nervous to get them done. it meant getting out of the house with e at just 10 days post-partem & driving down to tacoma to melissa’s studio – about 45 minutes. it just seemed like a lot at the time & it was. but, aaron went with me & my mom met us at the studio, & I am so, so thankful that we did these. not only do we have the sweetest pictures of e as a squishy little newborn, but some great early family photos {not in the hospital!}.

did any of you mamas have newborn photos taken?


One thought on “eloise {newborn photos}

  1. So so sweet! Our photographer came to our house for Crosby’s photo shoot and it was such a whirlwind. I can’t imagine how crazy you must have felt getting out of the house. So glad you did though bc these are wonderful!

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