my weekend in pictures.


{I panicked on friday afternoon when I looked on the back porch & saw all of these boxes since I thought maybe I was online shopping in my sleep! turns out most of them were for eloise… feeling blessed by everyone’s generosity!}


{what a pretty birchbox this month!}


{some day eloise will be bigger than her toys. thanks for the elephant grammie!}


{we got out of the house on saturday afternoon to enjoy the great summer weather & good company. such a fun BBQ!}


{sorting thru eloise’s clothes. between her grammie & her nana, this kid is set!}


{first official nap in her crib this weekend. she looks so tiny in there!}


{finally got some shelves & hanging rods in eloise’s closet. thanks to my husband!}


{a new doormat since ours got trashed during the renovation. good day!}

holy cow this weekend went quickly! but really, the only reason I even know it’s the weekend is because aaron is home during the day… oh well! we had a gorgeous stretch of sunny, hot summer weather this weekend which looks like it will last thru at least the beginning of the week. hard to complain about a beautiful indian summer in the pnw! we got a lot of work done around the house this weekend, moving things around to where they really ought to be rather than in random places throughout the house. or at least close to where they should live! I am hoping to get some final house updates to share – soon I hope!

how was your weekend?


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