friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to kendra’s blog too to see what she’s up to {& amanda periodically joins us as well}. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} overalls.

bee overalls

{image via}

I definitely sported overalls a decade ago & am happy to see they are coming back in style! the skinnier cut is a lot more flattering, & I love them paired with heels like shown here. also, blair {the fashion blogger above} is one of my favorite fashion bloggers! I haven’t been able to find a pair that I can sport over the bump, so I am thinking I will have to wait until the fall {& post-baby} to pick up a pair.

{two} bringing up bebe.


{Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting}

at the recommendation of a few new parents, I was given a copy of bringing up bebe which I have been making my way thru. I like that it isn’t completely non-fiction in that it is pamela’s story of having children while living in paris & not just an iteration of a bunch of scientific findings about children. I find the story & writing refreshing & entertaining, but am picking up some tips for baby lower as well.

{three} ‘nuff said.


{image via}

what are you loving this week?


One thought on “friday I’m in love.

  1. You’d sure look cute in those overalls. Surely someone makes them for moms to be. And Bebe sounds interesting. I know French parents’ admonition is ‘Be wise’ instead of ‘Be good” 🙂 How else do they make (or attempt tomake) their offspring behave?

    LOVE the idea of ‘Vacation, when in doubt’ but since we just came off a 3 month vacation & are moving next month……no ‘V’ word for us right now. Maybe OR in October after the moving dust has settled and D has recovered from 2nd knee replacement.

    Your house transformation is truly amazing.. I enjoy watching the progress and also the progress of baby Lower….wonder what the fruit/veggie of the week will be 🙂
    Bonne journee & bon weekend!

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