halloween festivities {pumpkin patch, carving party, & décor}

we kicked off the halloween season with a trip down to a pumpkin patch the weekend before last. it was fun to pick out the pumpkins right from the field, though we should have gone a few hours earlier as there were so, so many people in the afternoon when we were there. we picked up three different colored pumpkins – orange, green, & white – & a little kettle corn. all in all a fun trip!




this past weekend we drove up to see our friends cale and jessica for a pumpkin carving party. I have carved pumpkins every halloween (that I recall) but have never had or attended a carving party. so fun, I didn’t know what I was missing! I worked on scraping & carving with jessica’s adorable daughter jazmyne, & aaron cleaning & roasting the seeds. in the end we ended up with two carved pumpkins & about a half gallon bag full of delicious pumpkin seeds!




I also decorated the house a bit this year as our neighborhood is apparently quite popular with the local kids. while we don’t get too many trick-or-treaters as we don’t live on the “main drag,” there are hundreds & hundreds of kids in costume running around the neighborhood on halloween. there is even a neighborhood costume parade. it is awesome! anyways, I like to decorate the house for holidays & halloween isn’t an exception.



we are planning a pretty low-key halloween this year by staying home, hosting a few friends, & trying to bribe kids to trick-or-treat at our house. yep, the first 20 kids that trick-or-treat at our house will get a full size candy bar!

did you partake in any halloween festivities? do share!


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