a fresh coat of paint: hallway edition.

one of the last remaining rooms in our house which hasn’t been painted was our hallway {the very last is the office, unless you count the interiors of closets, but i digress}. it is a pretty small space and has four doorways – to the living room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom, and to the office. the problem with the hallway was that it was yellow. the walls were yellow. the ceilings were yellow. it made you feel like you were inside of a butter dish. i would have painted it sooner, but i hate painting ceilings. a few weeks ago, i finally pulled the trigger and painted it all, ceilings and walls.

{the befores}



i decided that i should stick with a neutral color since this hallway {as mentioned above} connects nearly every room in our house. we have a pretty neutral pallet going in the house, but it was important that the hallway color look good with the living room color, the bathroom color, & the bedroom color. we happened to have some grey left over from our old living room at our townhouse, so i went with that. {it is martha stewart driftwood gray}

{the afters}



{the color is closest to what is shown on the very top picture // the “color scheme” in the house is well represented in the bottom picture}

how do you pick your paint colors? do you have a color scheme, or do you just pick the color for each room or space separately?


2 thoughts on “a fresh coat of paint: hallway edition.

  1. What a difference it makes when the ceiling and walls aren’t painted the same color!! I love the grey you chose, I think picking out grey colors are the hardest ones. We may be doing that soon, so I am going to look at this color!

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