my weekend in pictures.


{did this weekend seem long to anyone else? friday seemed like it was an eternity away, even on thursday! also discovered the #abeautifulmess app & am loving it!}


{headed down to pike place market saturday morning to pick up fresh flowers for the party.}


{i finally got some peonies!}


{the happy birthday candles that i got for aaron’s doughnut cake weren’t quite right – can you catch the mistake? #thereareonly2psinhappy}


{his & hers rubba slippahs (as they say in hawaii).}


{my own version of this now famous quote that i did for my grandmother’s 91st birthday.}


{aaron & i did a little spring cleaning at my grandmother’s house by sweeping up the leaves & needles around her house. #justcallushergardeners}


{sunday night wrapped up the weekend with taco time & the great gatsby to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday – this is what she requested!}

we had a fun birthday-filled weekend celebrating both aaron’s birthday (early) & my grandmother’s birthday (even though she says she didn’t want to celebrate being any older, so she is starting to count backwards!). there aren’t many weekend pics to share here, but i will make up for it mid-week when i get aaron’s birthday party post together. we had so much fun seeing lots of friends & family this weekend – we are very blessed! how was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Love the “Drink more Gin” I am sure Mom loved it. Thanks for helping with her yard. I am sure she was happy.

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