my weekend in pictures.


{aaron & i made the snapshot of the day at work with a pic taken from our machu picchu trip.}


{double dinner date at ciccehtti, the sister restaurant to my very favorite serafina.}


{this may have been the best play of the night in a fun round of cards against humanity.}


{we dined at portage bay – one of our favs! – for breakfast this weekend. twice. yep, saturday with aaron’s cousin nathan, his wife kendra, & ben & sarah, & then again sunday with our friend jerry.}


{you may recognize that art from a pillow we used to have. well, after sadie murdered the pillow, i salvaged the art & framed it.}


{saturday night at kenmore lanes with nathan & kendra. it was quite the happening place!}


{back to some painting on sunday afternoon. priming & painting our closet doors that finally made it back up after removing & soaking all of the paint off of the hardware.}


{we needed a pick-me-up to make it through our sunday evening grocery trip. thank you starbucks for being in our qfc store.}


{i love the spring as it means fresh bouquets of flowers in the house every week!}


{aaron surprised me with a subscription to real simple.}

we had a really fun weekend working around the house to finish up a few never-ending projects & also seeing lots of family & friends. aaron’s cousin nathan & his wife kendra were in town & we had such a blast with them on saturday. it is hard to be so far away from family sometimes, but awesome when we can all get together! the rain returned to the emerald city as it normally does this time of year. while we are bummed that the temperatures have dropped, we are hopeful that the continuing rain & showers will help our soon-to-be-planted grass seed fill in our lawn in a few rough places. how was your weekend?


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