my weekend in pictures.


{after the electrician was here we had lots of fun unwrapping every. individual. piece of our new dining room light.}


{better late than never: 2013 let’s do this! i think this might be this year’s motto, at least to begin with.}


{sadie could be found here pretty much the entire weekend as we finally had some sun! #sunbather}


{nope, that’s not snow, it’s frost. it was so chilly that frost has been covering everything the last couple of days.}


{shopping for pipe wrenches. there were a lot of trips to the hardware store this weekend to fix our bathroom sink.}


{we had a quick date night at chipotle {in our finest cocktail attire} on saturday night.}


{happy engagement party dave & mary alice! we celebrated the engagement of good friends. we will both be in the wedding party for their fall wedding.}


{after a few setbacks aaron fixed our sink – hooray!}

i am just over a week into the flu & finally feeling better. week one had me down, but i am determined not to let week 2 keep me from being a person again. how was your weekend?



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