happy mother’s day!

a mother is a person who has the best & hardest job on the planet!

obviously i don’t know from experience, but looking back on my childhood, i don’t know how my mom managed everything – raising me, my sisters & brother, school schedules (hers & ours), working, being a wife, vacation planning, grocery shopping, keeping the house in order, etc.! i know that i am the person that i am today because of my mom & there is really no way i will ever be able to thank her enough for such a fantastic (if i do say so myself) job that she did! happy mother’s day mom!

i also want to give a happy mother’s day shout-out to two other amazing moms in our family: my late mother-in-law marsha & my mother-in-law diane. marsha – i never had the opportunity to meet you, but i do have the absolute privilege of being married to your youngest son & thru him i know that you were the most amazing mom. diane – you have been a wonderful mother to aaron from far away & now are a wonderful mother-in-law to me!

thanks to all the moms out there for being such awesome people. my grandmother says that every day is mother’s day which i know is true, but i would like to take today to say happy mother’s day!


p.s. i planned on including a really cute montage of pictures, but all the pictures i wanted to use are packed. boo. prepare yourselves for next year.

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