my weekend in pictures.


{catching up on blogs while soaking up some sun on our back deck.}


{sunny weather is bubble tea weather.}


{bellevue from the skybridge.}


{aaron walking my soon-to-be 90 year old grandmother to our movie theater while i stopped to get snacks (frozen junior mints for my grandmother & swedish fish for aaron & me) – melts my heart to see them together!}


{this week’s weather forecast. i’ll take it!}


{sadie at her very favorite place: the dog food store.}


{mangoes ripe for eating!}


{the headboard is finally up!}


{added parisian-inspired hooks to the entryway. i know the wall color looks black. it is chalkboard black to be exact. yep, our entryway is a big ole chalkboard!}


{finally got aaron’s closet system in. i don’t think he has ever had so much closet space!}


{my fortune.}


{i dragged aaron down to pike place market on sunday (along with everyone & their mothers!) in search for the season’s first peonies. turns out, at least in the emerald city, the market venders won’t have peonies for another four weeks. boo. i did find these beauties though: peony tulips!}


{the view of lake washington from the 520 floating bridge. mount rainier is very tiny in the background.}


{the bananas were perfect at TJs on sunday: green! does anyone else like their bananas green, or is it just aaron & me?}

we had an absolutely beautiful mother’s day weekend full of sun & warm weather! i’ve said it before & i will say it again: there is no city more beautiful than seattle when it is sunny!

how was your weekend?


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