a pinterest christmas: stockings, the sadie edition.

i made a stocking for sadie this year. it just didn’t seem right that any member of the family wouldn’t have a stocking hanging from the mantle.

i followed pretty much the same tutorial as for the other two stockings, minus the ruffled ribbon on the cuff. i also cut the stocking pattern (the paper one) down about a half an inch so sadie’s is a little smaller and narrower.

the main fabric was pre-quilted and i originally bought it thinking it would be the cuffs for the other two stockings (but then i got the idea of ruffled cuffs. i digress.). it was a long narrow piece of fabric, so it worked out perfectly for the stocking pieces of this stocking. the cuff fabric has little scottie dogs on it – adorable! it is a happy coincidence that this fabric was used as part of sadie’s stocking. i originally bought the fabric to make christmas napkins (but it was a really small & narrow piece of fabric) & i originally thought i was going to use sweater material to make the cuff.

i am really, really happy with sadie’s little stocking. truth be told, i like it more than the others.

 {sidenote: don’t mind the cardboard over the fireplace that shows up in a few shots above. we have been trying to keep a certain furry family member – i won’t mention any names – from chomping on burnt firewood to ease her separation anxiety.}

do you have stockings for your pets, or are we the only ones?

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