a pinterest christmas: christmas bunting.

i have always liked bunting garlands, you know, the banners with the triangle flags. they are festive and work for all seasons. plus, we have this great big chalkboard that we made last year that hangs above the sideboard in our “dining room.” it is one of the first things you see, so it is nice to have something fun there.
for the fall (well, i guess it is for any time of year) i made a quick paper bunting garland with paper letters (thanks mom!), computer paper and curling ribbon. (sidenote: the banner says “the lowers.” i realize the angle and reflection makes it hard to read.)

when i started seeing christmas-themed bunting garlands pop up on pinterest, i knew it would be a fun & easy way to dress up our chalkboard for the holiday season!
{etsy via pinterest}
{etsy via pinterest}
fabric or paper (i used two kinds of christmas fabric)
ribbon or string (i used 5/8 inch wide ribbon)
felt (optional – i used this for the lettering)
tacky glue or hot glue (optional – i used this for gluing on the letters)
thick paper or cardstock (optional – i used this for making stencils)
sewing machine (optional – i used this for making a stitch on the triangles and sewing the triangles onto the ribbon)

{i decided to make my own letter stencils. i drew out 3 inch squares and sketched out each letter i needed. the nice thing was that “merry christmas” has some double letters – m, r, s. then i cut out each stencil, traced it onto the felt with a sharpie and cut out the felt letters. sidenote: in hindsight, i probably would have traced the letters onto the felt backwards so that if i didn’t cut it perfectly then no black would show.}
{i chose two different fabrics and ribbon with mostly green and chose red felt for the letters.} 

{i made a stencil for the triangles. the top part of the triangle is 5.5 inches (half the length of an 8×11 sheet of paper). to get the right correct angle for the longer sides, i made a pencil mark at 2.75 inches (half the length of 5.5) and then drew the lines to that mark.}

  {i decided to use pinking shears to cut out my fabric triangles. i borrowed these from my grandmother – they belong in the smithsonian!} 

{then i ran a stitch along the long sides of the triangle.}

{i pinned each of the triangles onto the ribbon, alternating the fabric.}

{i used tacky glue to attach the letters onto the triangles.}

this was really pretty easy to do and only took an afternoon or so. what christmas projects have you been up to? any pinterest influence?

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