my weekend in pictures.

{j.crew notebook. i think i need this.} 
{six inch heels from shoemint. they are actually pretty comfy.} 

{aaron made me pancakes.} 

{sadie and the ducks that live down the street.} 

{completed a sewing project for a pinterest christmas! can’t wait to share it.} 

{i lost control at nordy’s this weekend. i may have a problem, but i needed new winter accessories – mittens, hat. thanks kate!} 

{it is officially christmas in downtown seattle!} 

{i need to learn to make do, in that i don’t need to shop all the time. ironic that i saw this at anthro.} 

{decisions, decisions.} 

{our friends andy & hailey got engaged on saturday!}
{congratulations andy & hailey! andy threw her a surprise engagement party.} 

{champagne brunch fundraiser.} 

{we started a super-secret christmas project!} 

{the lower family christmas cards are all ready to mail!} 

{sadie lounging on the garage stairs.}

{there is a fire hydrant at magnuson dog park. what is it with dogs and hydrants?} 

{a talented barista poured a tulip into my latte!} 

{christmas lights in madison park.} 

{working late on a sunday evening. boo.}
how was your weekend?

One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Since I obviously can't get it together to take pictures on the weekends, this is my New Year's resolution, to consistently start doing this series (compliments of you, of course!)! Hopefully now that I have written it down, I will actually do it! I love it!

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