baby it’s cold outside.

i don’t know about you, but all i have been listening to is christmas music. what would i do without pandora this time of year, especially since the free version doesn’t cut out after 40 hours per month (that was the worst during law school finals). 
if i just want some nice background noise, i will play some instrumental christmas music (i am a sucker for the christmas version of canon & d – my fave and what i walked down the aisle to), but i really love singing along to old christmas favorites too! the bonus is when one of my favorite singers does the cover of a christmas classic!
{dia frampton cover of “baby, it’s cold outside.}
{sidenote: aaron and i were totally hooked on the show “the voice” in its first season (even though we didn’t start watching until about 3/4 of the way thru the show!), and completely fell in love with dia frampton. she is such an amazing singer/songwriter with a really unique voice. i know that aaron is smitten with her – she is just such a cutie, it is hard not to be! i can’t wait for her RED album to drop!} 
are you listening to christmas music? what are your favorites to listen to?

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