a pinterest christmas: keepsake ornament.

this is the first post of my pinterest christmas series and i am so excited to share. 
{sidenote: i have a few more projects up my sleeve & the list of projects keeps growing – i blame pinterest!} 
as soon as i saw this picture on pinterest, i knew i had to do this (honestly, what else am i going to do with the rest of our wedding invitations? any ideas?).
{this is the original pinterest link: wedding invitation ornament.}

this project was pretty simple. the hardest part for me was cutting the paper strips since i had a new paper trimmer and was still learning how it worked. 
wedding invitation, baby announcement, etc.
paper trimmer (you could measure and cut with scissors, but it would take forever.)
clear ornament (i used plastic ones from michael’s)
pencil (or something to curl the paper around)
charm (optional)

{our wedding invitation. i fall in love with it every time i see it.}

{i decided on 1/4 inch strips so i made marks before i cut so i wouldn’t be cutting thru the letters.}

{most of the strips had the important stuff like date, time, place, etc.}

{every strip got curled around a pencil.}

{clear plastic ornament with removable top.}


{i decided to use a small charm for the top of the ornament. this is a fleur de lis.}

{i thought that i would need to string the charm onto thread before it went on the ribbon, but you really don’t need the thread (unless you want the charm to hang way down). for the other ornaments i made, i just thread the ribbon thru the charm.}

{on the tree!}
i had two birth announcements on my bulletin board and decided to make these babes an ornament to celebrate their first christmas. {jen and kendra: i mailed the ornaments on monday so be on the lookout!}

{for kenley dee. check out her mom’s blog here.}

{for deacon clifford. check our his mom’s blog here.}
this was such an easy and quick project, so start saving those keepsakes and make ornaments!
have you tackled any pinterest projects for christmas yet?

4 thoughts on “a pinterest christmas: keepsake ornament.

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