a pinterest christmas.

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pinterest has become a wonderful platform for users (pinners? pinteresters?) to memorialize images and ideas of everything from home decor to first birthday ideas to how to clean your dishwasher. if you are a pinterester (i like this one best), i am sure that you have numerous boards full of numerous pins of things that you want to do. or that you think that you want to do. or that you like but have no intention of ever completing. (mine fall into all of the above categories.)

i spend far more time on pinterest these days than i care to share, but lately, i have been more motivated to actually complete pinned projects than to just continue pinning to my heart’s content. and since (1) i have mucho time on my hands right now, (2) its nearly christmas time, (3) christmas is my favorite holiday, and (4) a new family = hardly any christmas decorations (this will only be our second married christmas), i have decided to tackle a few DIY projects to celebrate the holiday season!

so, over the remaining weeks until the BIG DAY (um, that’s christmas for those of you who aren’t following), i will post a few of my own versions of my favorite  pinned pinterest projects. i hope you enjoy this little blog segment i have affectionately named “a pinterest christmas” (it sorta has a nice ring to it, huh?).

{sidenote: i realize that some of you are appalled that i am actually talking about christmas decorations. i know its not even thanksgiving yet. so, if you fall into this category, just flag these posts and read them closer to christmas or december, whichever you prefer.}

have you ever made anything you have pinned on pinterest? are you planning any DIY christmas or holiday projects?

5 thoughts on “a pinterest christmas.

  1. oh my goodness, what projects are you working on? i've been to the fabric stores a handful of times, ok like 8 or 10 in the last three weeks. i made something for deacon for christmas and his friend. i have two projects mom and i are going to work on over thanksgiving. i'm hoping to sneak in a third. all christmas related. plus, i've already completed a wreath, yarn wrapped vases, and yarn letters. i'll have to post them…i keep meaning to.i can't wait to see yours…maybe you'll inspire me to do more…loves.

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