{this is not an ad, just my own LOVE of getting paid to shop and wanting to share the great news!}

have you ever heard of ebates? i had read about it a lot on different blogs and things before i finally signed up, and now i don’t know why i ever hesitated…

ebates.com is a company that basically pays you to shop online. amazing, right? you just go to ebates.com and search for whatever online shop you want (you will be so surprised at how many stores are on ebates!). then, you click on that store and it sends you right to that store’s own website. the transaction is exactly the same as if you weren’t using ebates, but then every so often, ebates will send you a check in the mail. i just got a check for $6 and change (for kate spade and piperlime spending). it doesn’t seem like much, but it is $6 (and change) more than i would have if i hadn’t used ebates!

i have been pretty good at using ebates every time i shop online. i just keep an ebates.com bookmark at the top of my internet browser (i use google chrome), so i see it all the time and it reminds me to use it before i shop.

if you need another reason to use ebates, there is double cash back for many places for holiday shopping. it is a win-win!

please don’t feel compelled to use my referral but i would really appreciate if you do, so click HERE if you want to sign up for an ebates account with my referral link.

hope you have a lovely day and happy (online) shopping!

note: i was not compensated or even asked by ebates.com to write this post, however, if you sign up for an ebates account thru my referral link, i will get a $5 bonus.

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