four eyes.

no, i was never called “four eyes” by anyone on the playground (kids can be so mean!), though i was always really conscious of my glasses from the time i first got them in second grade. i got contacts as soon as my eye doctor thought my eyes were ready, and by the fifth grade, no one was any the wiser that i was blind as a bat. fortunately for me, glasses are in and i am definitely embracing the trend!

i have a really great pair of glasses from my eye doctor from ProDesign out of denmark. i love these glasses, totally lawyer-chic! and the big bonus (two actually) is that i can replace the lenses every year without worrying about threatening the frame’s integrity (metal vs. plastic frame) AND i can wear mascara or even eyelash extensions with these glasses without my lashes hitting the lenses.

as much as i LOVE my glasses, i really wanted a fun pair of glasses. perhaps it would convince me to wear my glasses more often (which i really should be doing anyways). there are lots of online eyeglass stores popping up all over the internet that offer cute & trendy frames for really reasonable prices ($99).

a little FYI about three of these stores i am in the know of:

ONE. $88 prescription glasses & sunglasses.
TWO. free shipping & returns.
THREE. spex vision – a unique virtual mirror.
ONE. $99 prescription glasses & sunglasses.
TWO. discount styles offering – 30% off.
THREE. virtual try-on.
FOUR. “Pay It Forward” campaign: We support ChildSight, free vision care & glasses for children in need.
FIVE. free carbon neutral shipping.
ONE. $95 prescription glasses & sunglasses.*
TWO. free shipping & returns.
THREE. virtual try-on & home try-on.

FOUR. “Do Good” campaign: almost one billion people don’t have access to glasses. glasses can increase one’s productivity by 20%. we have distributed over 85,000 pairs.
FIVE. the colonel monocle.

*there is an extra charge (around $30) for high index lenses if you have a strong prescription (like me!). this may be true of spex club and bon look as well.

i decided to go with Warby Parker, mostly because of the at home try-on but also for the “do good” campaign. you pick out five pairs of glasses on the website and (for free, though you have to give your credit card information) they will send you your chosen pairs to try on for five days. i don’t know about you, but “trying on” glasses on a picture of me just doesn’t cut it. the fit is so important when it comes to glasses and i really needed a company that would let me try the glasses on for real.

so here were my five picks:

{sorry for the reflection in all of the glasses. the only way i could competently take a picture of myself was on my webcam.}

and i chose… {drumroll please}

the beckett!

have you gotten new glasses recently, prescription or otherwise?

note: i did not receive any compensation from warby parker, bon look, spex club, or any other eyeglass company. the words above are solely my opinion.

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