urban dictionary.

have you ever looked your name up in urban dictionary

well, today i did. and it may have made my day.

the first entry was pretty boring and straight-forward:

Misha is a Russian nick-name for Mikhail. It also means little bear or a teddy bear. “Misha the Bear” was the official mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Misha is short for Michael.

the second entry was much better:

Misha is an amazing, inspiring character. She possesses faultless beauty and a truly electrifying personality. She touches the lives of every single person she comes in contact with. She can only be described as some sort of exquisite gift. Anyone that has such Misha in their lives experiences a dreamlike, whimsical state when she comes around due to her pure perfection.

and the rest of the entries were just silly.

what is the urban definition of your name? did it make your day? {you’re welcome in advance.} 

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