halloween 2015 {the flintstones}.

Flintstone Family Pebbles and Wilma

Halloween posts are tricky since you really can’t get pictures up of your costumes until November, so here they are! While Aaron & I donned our costumes for Ben & Sarah’s Halloween party the weekend before Halloween, we dressed up as the full Flintstone family for the Halloween parade & trick-or-treating. It was so fun to see us all together & Ben was able to get some good photos before we headed out into the rain.

A lot of people have asked, & yes, I did make all of the costumes. BUT, I followed a tutorial {it’s a good one, check it out here} so I didn’t come up with this completely on my own. {I did add pockets to Fred & my costumes which is a must for the Halloween party – a place for your phone & lipstick!} Except for Sadie’s costume. I used a rain jacket that we have for her to make a Dino cape (of sorts), adding the eyes & hair onto the hood, & sewed a simple “collar” with a strip of light blue fabric & adding Velcro. I wore a wig since I didn’t want to dye (or spray) my hair; I found a long red wig at Display and Costume & pinned it up with a bun in the back & a twist in the front. Aaron wore these funny feet to finish his costume!

We had a lot of fun dressing up as a family & are hoping to keep up the tradition of family costumes for a few more years (until Eloise has a say in what she dresses up as!). See last year’s family costume here.

Do you wear family costumes?


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